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Shakun Narain had her early education in Spain. It was her enquiring mind which led her to go deeper into the whys and the wherefores of Hindu customs and traditions which resulted in her authoring this book "Hindu Customs and Beliefs" and another book "Symbolisms in the Ramayana" also published by the Bhavan.

Shakun is widely traveled and has a keen interest in music. She conducts classes on Hindu philosophy where she instills an awareness of the rich ness of the Hindu heritage in the young minds.

What Others Say

A spirit of enquiry often opens gates to vast expanses of knowledge. While millions follow Hindu customs, beliefs and rituals blindly, Shakun Narain made a diligent study of them and tried to grasp their meaning, purpose and significance.

The volume, though small, is a treasure house of knowledge and wisdom.


"Hindu Customs and Beliefs" is thought-provoking. Shakun Narain has explained in simple and lucid language, scientific roots of ancient beliefs, superstitions, symbolism of deities and educational values of Hindu scriptures.

The book exhorts us to understand ourselves and it reflects the personality of the writer.

-M.R. GEHANI Member, Gujarat Public
Service Commission (Retd.)

I have found this book by Shakun Narain interesting and well balanced. I recommended it to all those who like to know why we do what we do.

- Dr. G. VEE
Senior Economic Consultant


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