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The Tulasi

In the earlier chapter. I mentioned the curative powers of the Tulasi (the Basil Plant). Now I would like to explain how to use the Tulasi leaves for our benefit.

There are two types of Tulasi, the black and the white. The black tulasi is known as the Krishna Tulasi and the White tulasi as the Rama Tulasi.

Tulasi is beneficial for various physical disorders. The leaves may be crushed to a fine powder, powdered in a lean vessel (the juice can also be taken), the leaves can be dried under a shade and taken.

Since the leaves are slightly bitter and astringent it may be taken with the help of honey or curd - but never with milk.

It should be taken in the morning followed by breakfast after 30 minutes - normally it is taken once but it may be taken two or three times in acute conditions.

There are no particular restrictions during its treatment. However, very pungent food should be avoided.

  1. For malaria fever 5-7 leaves mixed with powdered black pepper maybe taken.

  2. 10 grams of Tulasi juice mixed with 10 grams of Ginger juice removes pain in joints.

  3. Tulasi seed mixed with Curd or Honey stops vomiting in children.

  4. Black Tulasi Juice mixed with powdered black pepper mixed with oil (Ghee) removes gastric troubles.

  5. 25 grams of Tulasi juice with 2 grams of black salt if taken 4 days destroys worms.

  6. Black Tulasi (5 grams - 25grams) mixed in honey cures Asthmatic complaints.

  7. Black Tulasi water mixed with Vinegar (same amount) mixed with butter is beneficial for Eczema conditions.

  8. Tulasi leaves heated in water used as drugs cures ear ache.

  9. For people suffering from sore throat gargling with 10 grams of Black Tulasi boiled in 1/2 Kg water helps.

  10. Black tulasi leaves mixed with 7 almonds and 4 cardamoms (powdered) is good for indigestion.

  11. Black Tulasi leaves mixed with honey (same amount) applied to the eyes, cures blurredness.

  12. Rub black Tulasi Juice (few drops) on the hands and feet of a person who has fainted.

  13. For excessive spit in the mouth black leaves should be chewed.

For daily health one should regularly drink 3 leaves of tulasi Juice mixed with 5 black peppers every morning.

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