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Thought One

I, Shakun had been in search of a guru for years, and I wondered why he/she was not appearing on the scene. I had heard that the guru finds the disciple and not vice-versa. So I waited. Once as I was driving to my home, I felt a voice  within telling me that, hadn't I been influenced by so many personalities in my life? and as such weren't they my gurus? but then I pondered can a person have more than one guru?

Why I am sharing this story with you is that tomorrow is Dattatreya Jayanti. He appears in the 11th chapter of the Shrimad Bhagavad, and is famous for the fact that he had 24 gurus. He believed that everything in the Universe is a teacher.

To get back to my story, I mentally replied to the voice within that if it was real, I would be guided to express my gratitude to the teachers through a book. Thus was born my 3rd book "In touch with Masters".

Incidentally Dattatreya means: "One who has experienced that the Self is One, and He resides in all beings.

So let us remember and honour him tomorrow, the 3rd of December, his Jayanti day.


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