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Thought on Srimad Bhagvad

Thought One

Someone has asked me this  question which states: "How does a mosquito through Karma become a human being?  The Shrimad Bhagvad states that through subsequent lifetimes a human being can become an animal and vice-versa. 

Most people believe that we are made to suffer for our bad deeds (karmas). I believe that 'karma' is a learning not a punishment. I believe that 'karma' is not involved when a mosquito becomes a 'human being' eventually. I think that a mosquito is evolving naturally, from species to species, from strength to strength.

It is like it is natural to move to the 5th Grade from the 4th. It is rare to be demoted, but it is known to happen if the learning is too slow or the basic foundation is too weak.

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