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Seventh Discourse
Page Two

The Greatness of a Sutra
The greatness of an empowering Spiritual thought

It is a well known practice to place the Vedic sacred thread over your ear when you go to the toilet - I have read that there is a scientific reason for the above but I am sure of the Vedic reason.  I believe that at the time when you are involved in an unclean activity, if you place an empowering thoughts to your ear, you will be saved from your becoming unclean.  Goswamiji states :

Jin Hari Katha suni nahin kaana.

i.e. Those ears are worthless which have not been used, to hear the narrations of the Lord.

18 ways or means to achieve the Lord

Tulsidasji has described various means to achieve the Lord. The fruit of these efforts is to achieve love and  devotion for the Almighty.  Those who are unable to perform these methods or who become Nisaadhan can also achieve the Lord.

Nine of the methods to achieve the Lord are through devotion and of nine of the means through knowledge.  Yoga is a part of both.  The Vedas have described the above in various details, but the teachings of Tulsidasji and Mahaprabhuji are similar.  Tulsidasji has explained it in brief.  When one receives a long letter, maybe one does not read it as it requires time, but a telegram one always goes through, leaving all the other work aside.  One day maybe I shall explain the methods in detail but at the moment let us go through it in brief.  Lord Shankar tells Parvati :

Tirthaatan saadhan samudaai
Jog Biraag Gyaan Nipunaai
Nana Karma dharma vrat daana
Sanjam dam jap tap makh naana
Bhoot daya dwij gur sevkaai
Vidya vinaya bibek badaai
Janha lagi saadhan bed bakhaani
Sab kar phal Hari Bhagati Bhavaani
So Raghunaath Bhagati shruti gaai
Ram Kripa kaahu ek paai

Lord Shivji tells Parvati that the Vedas explain certain methods. But the fruit of those methods is devotion and love. It is alright for those who are capable of performing the methods, but what of those who are not, those who are Nisaadhan ? They also achieve, but there are a few conditions. Let us listen to the 18 methods that the Vedas talk about - Remember 18 is 8 + 1 = 9.  Nine is a complete number. The Scriptures speak in complete and full numbers because they themselves are complete and full.


Going for a pilgrimage is one of the efforts one can put in the spiritual path.  Vidurji went for a pilgrimage for 36 years!  So one should learn from him what to do when one goes on a spiritual travel! A pilgrimage center has the power to liberate you. but you will be surprised to learn that in one of the Upanishads it is mentioned :

Tirth yatra adhamaadham 

Which means to go from pilgrimage to pilgrimage is not of much use!  All the same one must go for a spiritual journey at lest for a few days to a month in one year.  One generally purifies a place by doing certain prayers.  A spiritual place is naturally purified by the great spiritual personalities that have lived there or by the heavenly rivers Ganga and Yamuna.    Whenever I go to any place, I get to know about it, by the vibrations I get there.  When I go to foreign countries for spiritual discourses, it takes 4 or 5 days to create the right vibrations and atmosphere.  Sometimes I feel tired there, something that never happens to me generally in India.  India is the place in which so much worship has taken place by great sages & saints of yore.

When you proceed to a pilgrimage, I would like to implore you not to sully, not to make it dirty.  Do not destroy what has survived for so many years !  Some people go for pilgrimages to criticize & complain! They criticize the place or people they know and complain about the difficulties they face in a pilgrimage center.  The Upanishads have stated that to go from pilgrimage to pilgrimage is useless for people like these.  You go for a spiritual pilgrimage to cleanse yourself of your sins, not to make new ones.  In olden days it used to be so much more difficult to undertake Spiritual travel. People would take medications with them because it was hard to get much help when on a pilgrimage.  Now a days if you complain, the sages learn immediately what kind of a person you are! When you go for a pilgrim center, keep silent or do some more chanting or take a spiritual book of your choice.  The patron saint of the place you are going to, will be pleased and shower his mercy upon you.  Take advantage of the great pilgrim centers that are available to you in India.  Go pray there, listen to the Lord's name and it will become one of the means to achieve the Lord.

Gyan Biraag Jog Nipunaai

The second method to achieve the Lord is through Gyan or knowledge.  One requires knowledge to achieve devotion or Bhakti.  What it means is that if you know how to keep your eyes open you will not strike against the wall: you will find a door, you will find a way out, or you will shout till someone opens the door for you.


Vairaagya or Renunciation is necessary to achieve Bhakti.  What it means, is that your younger brother wants something you possess-then give it away happily.  Giving happily is vairaagya.

Patanjali Jog

This proficient Yoga can help you to cross over the Ocean of Samsara, i.e. the world with all its trials and tribulations, and this eminent perfect yoga can also become means to achieve Bhakti just like Gyan (knowledge), Vairaagya (Renunciation) and going for Tirthyatra (Pilgrimages)

Nana Karam

Nana Karam Dharam Vrat daana
Sanjam jam japa tapa nana

There are different types of acts that make one achieve Bhakti.  Those who are proficient in the scriptures have spoken of 5 types of actions or karams.  These 5 karams are Nitya, Nimit, Kaamya, Prayaschit and Aavashyak.

Nitya karam

Everyone has different type of Nitya karam or every-day regular activities. What time to wake up, bathe, perform certain services, What to offer to the Lord, how much to pray, what yogic exercises to do.

You may read or recite the Scripture of your choice, but one thing you must do and that is to not to criticize what others read or recite. You have no right to do so. Some people ask, "What have you achieved by reciting this prayer every day?" Achieving, or the speed in your spiritual travel is in the Lord's hands. You just perform your Nitya Karam. Only sometimes you may have to change your timing or the amount of times that you perform your prayer when you travel, and that sometimes is inevitable.

Maanasi Seva
Prayer of Visualisation

Sometimes you are strapped on to your seat in an airplane for almost 24 hours.  You can still perform your ritualistic prayers by the power of visualisation.  Imagine the form of your Lord.  Make Him sit on a beautiful seat.  Slowly imagine bathing Him and wearing Him the most beautiful clothes.  Then offer Him a feast of 56 Dishes.  Since you are visualising it all, there is no need to be stingy.  Offer the Lord food made with pure ghee extracted by you from milk with great love & effort.  The above is one way.  The second method is if you feel that you will not be able to perform your prayers for a few days, then do it either a few days earlier or a few days later.  But the mind tricks you.  Your own inner self is your alarm Clock - It wakes you up at the exact time that you want to wake up but the mind tempts you to sleep for a while longer.  Mahaprabhuji believes that you should devote 3 hours out of 24 hrs to the Lord.  If you cannot do it for 3 hours, do it for 1 hour or at least for a few minutes.

Ek ghari aadhi ghari,
aadhi se puni aadhi
Tulsi sangati Sadhu ki
Hare koti apraadhi

Which means that Tulsidasji claims that even if you spend, an hour, half an hour or even a quarter of an hour in the Company of an Enlightened Human being, it destroys all your wrong doings. When you work for an hour in the office you earn Rs. 10,000/-, then you deduce that if you were to work for 3 hours how much more would you earn?  Similarly when you take the Lord's name for a few minutes, you receive so much benefit that it follows that if you spend that much longer in your prayer room, you would reap that much benefit. And in Kaliyuga, this Iron age, you can pray, lying down, or sitting or however it is convenient to you

Recite a sanskrit shloka (verse) everyday.  Even if you know it by heart, look at the scriptures, i.e. do the darshan of the scriptures while you recite.  It is said that then the Scriptures bless you, and you will be able to see yourself in the Scriptures. They become a mirror for you.  What I am trying to say is perform your daily rituals regularly, it will bring about great benefits.

Nimit Karam

Nimit Karam is the action that one performs because of something or/and someone. For example a Guruji comes to your house, so you decide to have devotional songs in his presence at your place, or you may decide to perform certain prayers or rituals.

Some make a certain month the instrument for praying more - like Purushottam or a certain day of the month like Ekadashi. The Purushottam month is not added amongst the 12 month of the Calendar, maybe because it has no birth and no end - It is immortal -Maybe that is the Lord's message to us:- to pray more, chant more during that month.  But if you cannot think of the Lord more during Purushottam then at least do not criticise or gossip.  A lot of people pray more during the Eclipse of the sun or/and the Moon - Then the Eclipse becomes the instrument for your increased prayer.

Kaamya Karam

The Karam or action that man performs for a motive or a reason is called a Kaamya Karam.  In the above action one may feel that if one performs a certain action, a certain result will follow.

Praayaschit Karam

The action that are performed to repent for certain sins that are committed are called Prayaaschit Karam or Repentance actions. Whatever sins are mentioned in the Scriptures, their modes of repentance are also listed there - but some of these prayaschit karam have been exploited for personal gains.

When I was studying for my S.S.C there was a story in my Hindi Section. A woman saw a cat coming out of the house and hit her with a stick.  The result was that cat died.  The priest was called to enquire as to how to atone for the act of having killed the cat.   The priest declared that a golden cat should be made and donated to him.  After having haggled for a while they finally decided  over the weight of the golden cat.  However at that precise moment, the cat regained consciousness and went and sat on the priest's lap.  The priest cried out disappointed, "I do not want you, I really would have preferred the golden cat!"

I believe that for atoning for certain sins committed, just take the Lord's name or read a Chapter from Geeta or 5 verses from the Shrimad Bhagavad or the Ramanayana.

Pavan Tanay Sankat haran
Mangal Murati roop
Ram Lakhan Seeta Sahit
Hriday basahu sur bhoop

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