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We have moved. The updated website is now at Please click on the link to go there

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Welcome to Dal Sabzi for The Aatma

bulletPages From The Bhaagvad
bulletBhakti & Sons
bulletChitraketu Pundaalik
bulletGajendra Moksha
bulletKrishna Born
bulletPrevious Janams Of Dhruv And Naarad
bulletRules Of Grahastha
bulletSamudra Manthan
bulletShrimad Bhaagavad
bulletSoul Mind Intellect
bulletFestivals & Beliefs
bulletBaisaakhi and The Panj Pyaaras
bulletChetti Chand (Jhulelal)
bulletExplanation of the Ceremony of Datar
bulletEaster Sunday
bulletGanesh Chaturti
bulletGanesh Chaturti (Pg. 2)
bulletGhari Puja
bulletGudi Padwa
bulletGuru Purnima
bulletHanuman Jayanti
bulletLaxmi Goddess  of Wealth
bulletMaha Shivratri
bulletMother's Day
bulletRaksha Bandhan
bulletRam Navmi
bulletTara and Mandala
bulletThread Ceremony
bulletMessage of Masters
bulletGuru Nanak
bulletJesus Christ
bulletLord Krishna
bulletLord Shiva
bulletSant Gyaneshwar
bulletSong of Life
bulletOn Abortion and Purification
bulletAbout Prayers
bulletAfter a Holiday
bulletDivine Calls And Meherbaba
bulletEven the flu teaches
bulletYour Hair May Grow White
bulletHappy New Year
bulletHeart Attack
bulletHow to Pray
bulletIdol Worship
bulletIndira Maa
bulletInner Peace
bulletInstant Uplifters
bulletLife's Downs
bulletLoving the Lord
bulletMatrix - The Movie
bulletMy 2 Friends
bulletMy First Friend - Jesus
bulletOn Suppressed Feelings
bulletSindhis and Sindhi
bulletStep into the Unknown
bulletSuicide - A Cowardly Act
bulletTo Be
bulletWhere Ganga Descends
bulletWisdom of Scriptures
bulletBhagvad Gita
bulletThe Devi Mahatmya Navratri Katha
bulletGayatri Mantra
bulletGod and Demi Gods
bulletOne Janam or Many
bulletOur Body - A Temple
bulletPaths to the Highway
bulletSankat Mochan Hanuman
bulletSati and Parvati
bulletSrimad Bhagvad
bulletThe Caste System
bulletThe Sacrifice
bulletA Site Worth Visiting
bulletA Trip to Sindh - A Journey to My Roots
bulletAmi Ja Nuskha
bulletAn interview by Vimla Patil
bulletAs Old As The Hills
bulletBalaji Sri Venkateswara
bulletBhakti Lata Barve Inmadar - A Shradanjali
bulletDreams Can Come True
bulletFood Fit For The Gods
bulletHavans and Talismans
bulletThe Heavenly Hills of Tirupati
bulletHow to Orient a Mandir
bulletKali Maa
bulletMy Stopover in Chicago
bulletMy Trip to the Americas
bulletMy Trip to Delhi
bulletPeace Without War
bulletThe story of Ma Vaishno Devi
bulletThe Mystical No. 9 of Navratri
bulletTrip to Bangalore
bulletWe Shall Overcome
bulletWe, The Sindhis
bulletBooks I have written
bulletIn Touch With Masters
bulletPrologue and Blessings
bulletA Letter of Blessings
bulletBlessings - Swami Chidananda
bulletBlessings - Nirmal Chetan
bulletBlessings - Ma Indira Devi
bulletBlessings - Ram Kinkar (In Hindi)
bulletBlessings - Ram Kinkar (Translation)
bulletBlessings - Sri Morari Bapu (In Hindi)
bulletBlessings - Sri Morari Bapu (Translation)
bulletSwami Sivananda
bulletSwami Chidananda
bulletSwami Nirmal Chetan
bulletMa Indira Devi
bulletRam Kinkar
bulletSri Morari Bapu
bulletOn Anxiety and Fear
bulletOn Criticism
bulletOn Marriage
bulletBack Page
bulletThe Wisdom of Sind
bulletPage 1
bulletPage 2
bulletPage 3
bulletPage 4
bulletPage 5
bulletPage 6
bulletHindu Customs & Beliefs
bulletSacred Days and Festivals
bulletWhat They Denote Pg. 1
bulletWhat they Denote Pg. 2
bulletRituals, Practices and their Significance Pg. 1
bulletRituals, Practices and their Significance Pg. 2
bulletThe Vivaha Pg. 1
bulletThe Vivaha Pg. 2
bulletChildbirth and Childhood Page One
bulletChildbirth and Childhood Page Two
bulletRituals connected with Death
bulletSymbolisms of Dieties and Educational value of Hindu scriptures
bulletThe Gita
bulletThe Tulasi
bulletBack Page
bulletSymbolisms in the Ramayana
bulletChapter One
bulletThe Four Divine Brothers
bulletKing Dasaratha's Decision to crown Rama the King
bulletSri Rama goes to the forest
bulletSri Rama Goes to the Forest Page Two
bulletJatayu Pg. 1
bulletJatayu Pg. 2
bulletHanuman Crosses the Ocean Pg. 1
bulletHanuman Crosses the Ocean Pg. 2
bulletThe Bridge Pg. 1
bulletThe Bridge Pg. 2
bulletBack Page
bulletHistory of Hindus in Sindh - Preface
bulletIntroduction to Narain
bulletChapter One - Page 1
bulletChapter One - Page 2
bulletChapter One - Page 3
bulletChapter Two
bulletChapter Three
bulletChapter Four - Page 1
bulletChapter Four - Page 2
bulletChapter Five
bulletChapter Six
bulletChapter Seven
bulletChapter Eight Page 1
bulletChapter Eight Page 2
bulletRemembering Maa
bulletA Tribute
bulletPage One
bulletPage Two
bulletPage Three
bulletPage Four
bulletPage Five
bulletPage Six
bulletPage Seven
bulletNisaadhanta - Main Page
bulletFirst Discourse
bulletSecond Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletSecond Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletThird Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletThird Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletFourth Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletFourth Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletFifth Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletFifth Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletFifth Discourse - Pg. 03
bulletSixth Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletSixth Discourse-  Pg. 2
bulletSeventh Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletSeventh Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletSeventh Discourse - Pg. 3
bulletEighth Discourse - Pg. 1
bulletEighth Discourse - Pg. 2
bulletEighth Discourse - Pg. 3
bulletNinth Discourse
bulletMantras and Prayers
bulletMantras and Prayers - A Prayer by Tagore
bulletAum and Chakras
bulletGayatri Mantra
bullet"Jai Jagdeesh Hare" Aarti
bulletShri Hanuman Chalisa
bulletMantras - Mantra of Lord Ganesh
bulletMagic of Mantras - Mahalaxmi Mantra
bulletMantra for Improving Life
bulletMantra for a Peaceful Life
bulletMantra for a Child
bulletEasy Mantras for Busy People
bulletMantras for Difficult Times
bulletMantra for Health
bulletMagic of Mantras - Ma
bulletMantra for Marriage
bulletMantra For Prosperity
bulletMantra for Studies
bulletMantra for Sucess
bulletMiscellaneous Mantras
bulletNarayan Kavach
bulletOn Wavering Minds
bulletPalav Prayer
bulletDal Sabzi for The Aatma - Satyanarayan Katha
bulletShiv Chalisa
bulletMagic of Mantras - Shri Narayana
bulletSindhi Diwali Puja Vidhee
bulletMagic of Mantras and Prayers - SUNDERKAND
bulletSunderKand Page 1
bulletSunderKand Page 2
bulletSunderKand Page 3
bulletMantra for Teaching / Learning
bulletThe Lord's Prayer
bulletThe Palm Mantra
bulletTwo Shabads (Prayers from the Gurbani)
bulletVasudeva Kutumbakam
bulletDal Sabzi for the Aatman - Mere Hamsafar
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Asha
bulletFrom Ashok
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Dada
bulletFrom Dada
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Kanchan
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Lakhi
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Madhavi
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Pushpa
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Raj
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Rita
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Neena
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Sangeeta
bulletMere Hamsafar - From Tara
bulletDadi Nani ki Kahaani
bulletGajendra The Elephant
bulletKrishna And Yashoda Ma
bulletKrishna Is Born
bulletKrishna Steals Hearts
bulletSindhi Nursery Rhymes
bulletDal Sabzi for the Aatman - Readers Respond
bulletReaders Respond - From Anita
bulletFrom C. P. Gandhi
bulletReaders Respond - From Dada
bulletFrom Gita
bulletFrom Hoshang
bulletReaders Respond - From Manish
bulletFrom Michael
bulletReader's Respond - From Nandini
bulletReaders Respond - From Prithwis
bulletReaders Respond - From Rita
bulletReaders Respond - From Sabreena
bulletReader's Respond - From Sangeeta
bulletFrom Sangeeta K
bulletFrom Sanjay
bulletFrom Sheila
bulletFrom Sonal
bulletFrom Tara
bulletReaders Respond - From Veenu
bulletDivine Dohaas
bulletDohas - Page One
bulletDohas - Page Two
bulletDohas - Page Three
bulletEnlightening Information
bulletLove of Hyderabad
bulletThe Law of Karma
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