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Shakun Narainji has presented the Ramayana in its symbolic form. This does not however negate its historical status.

Shakun's quest for spiritual knowledge, an urge to listen and introspect and a soul-searching ability have channelised themselves in the form of this book.

She has made a praiseworthy attempt to condense the vast ocean of wisdom of the Ramayana into the vessel of her small volume.

I have faith that alert aspirants in the spiritual path will find this book an inspiration.


The Ramayana is a scripture of ancient origin. Yet it offers a solution to our present-day problems and an eternal light for mankind's future.

I believe that every human character, situation of any country and era is reflected in it.

I Pray that with Gods Grace, Shakun's noble efforts prove a blessing to everyone.


Shakun Narain has a keen interest in Music. She lectures at various institutions and conducts classes where she instills an awareness of the richness of the Hindu Heritage. Her first book Backwards- To Surge Forward was reprinted by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan as Hindu Customs and Beliefs.



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