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When Rama and Lakshmana returned to the cottage, Rama was besides himself with grief to find Sita gone. Rama and Lakshmana went in search of Sita but found her nowhere.

During their search for Sita they came across a bird (Jatayu), who lay wounded because he had to fight with Ravana. This bird called Jatayu had seen Ravana abducting Sita. Jatayu had a fight with Ravana in which Jatayuís wings were broken and the poor bird had fallen wounded to the ground.

The bird Jatayu is symbolic of a devotee who fights against evil with all his might to the extent that his will and power to want to soar high, breaks. Yet he lives and waits until God comes to his rescue.

Rama came to Jatayu and tended to his wounds. Jatayu was saved and achieved immortality by the fact that he died in the arms of his Lord.


As Rama and Lakshmana continued their search for Sita, they came to another great devoteeís cottage. This great devoteeís name was Sabari.

Sabariís guru had predicted that Rama would come to her cottage some day.

Sabari waited for long years. She did not lose faith. Everyday of her life, she would decorate her cottage and the path to her cottage with flowers.

She would taste the fruits to see whether they were sweet enough to be offered to her Lord. She was ready every moment of her life to receive Rama.

Finally Rama came to her cottage. Sabariís cup of happiness was full. She could not find a place good enough to make her Lord sit. Sabari believed herself to be a simpleton of low caste; so she felt unworthy of the great honour that Rama had bestowed upon her.

This proves that to God the caste system holds no value. God is not concerned about how much bank balance you have and how much property you own. Godís milestone is a devoteeís heart, which should throb with love for Him and for humanity.

Sabariís immense patience is a very important requisite in the path of a Bhakta (devotee).

One has to pray, have the faith and patience and God comes when he feels that the time is right.


Sabari directed Rama to Sugreeva.

Sugreeva was the younger brother of Bali, the King of Monkeys, who lived in the mountains.

When Sugreeva saw Rama and Lakshmana roaming in his territory he asked his trusted aide Hanuman to find out who the two strangers were.

Hanuman was learned and possessed magical powers that he had achieved by penance and austerity.

Hanuman took the form of a learned man and approached the two brothers. Hanumanís soul recognised the two brothers as divine. He promptly turned back to his original form, that of a monkey.

This is symbolic - One can fool the world but not God of what kind of a person you truly are.

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