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Jesus Christ

Thought One

The 21st of April, 2000 is Good Friday, the day on which Jesus fulfilled His mission.

The day on which after having undergone humiliations beyond human endurance, He gave up His life, only to rise , in full glory on Easter Sunday.

It is said that Jesus died for us!  It is said that He died to save humanity!  How?

Jesus claimed  that one could  gain access to the Lord without the mediation of priests and their complicated, and often expensive rituals.

Jesus thundered: "Why have you turned the house of my father into a den of thieves?"  His life might have been spared had He conceded to the Jewish priests' demands to continue to belong to the old popular beliefs.

Jesus declined to conform. That was His only 'crime'.

I believe that He was crucified because he continued to claim the TRUTH.

That all we need to do to achieve the "Kingdom of Heaven"  is to Serve, Love and Pray. "Knock and the door will open" He said.

He gave up His life to give to Humanity the above simple message. He gave up His life for us. Could we in return try to follow His teachings? Could we start tomorrow?

You know, it is possible for us to to ascend, just like Jesus Christ did.

Ascension, for most of us could also mean that we raise our consciousness with prayer, faith and affirmations.

Jesus said: "I AM the resurrection and the Life, whosoever believes in Me shall Live forever"


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