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Thought on Sadhana

Thought One

Last week I  spent two days on a Spiritual Sadhana Camp.  A few youngsters on the camp asked me what 'Sadhana' means. I explained that it meant 'Discipline' plus 'Perseverance'.

Whatever path of Spiritual Practice you  prefer to belong to, be it 'Karma' (The path of Righ Action), 'Bhakti' (The path of Devotion), Dhyaan (The path of Meditation) or 'Gyan' (The path of Knowledge), they are all Sadhanas. They all require discipline and perseverance.

Just because we all know how to breathe it does not mean that we know how to live. Just because most of us get married it does not mean that we know how to be a good spouse. Just because, we have children it does not mean that we know how to be good parents. Living, marrying and Parenting require 'Sadhana'.

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