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On Anxiety and Fear

Accept anxiety as another name for challenge and you can accomplish wonders.

The new, the different is almost always scary: but each time you try something you learn. As the learning piles up the world opens to you.

The problem is that:

It is one thing to urge somebody else to take on these anxiety-producing challenges. It is quite another to get ourselves to do it.

But... You cannot learn if you do not try.

That "anxiety-producing challenge" is to go through with courage, an "anxiety-provoking situation" often enough, until one learns that there is nothing to be worried about.

And remember that:

One has never been able to eliminate anxiety by avoiding the things that cause it.

All of us feel fear at one time or another. The reason for fear Is insecurity, mostly of the unknown.

The broad techniques to handle fear is to have faith.

Faith in your own strength.
Faith that you are stronger than the situation.
Faith that the hand of God is holding yours at the time of crisis.

Live in the present, a moment at a time. Do the best you can, in the given circumstances and to the best of your capacity and somehow the future will take care of itself.

Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly, rhythmically several times relaxing with each exhalation.

This helps the circulation to become normal and you will feel less afraid.

Remember that:

When your heart becomes paralyzed with fear, your vitality is low and disease germs get a chance to invade your body.

So ... Analyse your reason for fear. Do what you can about it. Then deliberately take your mind away say your favourite prayer or mantra and visualise the power of your prayer destroying the fear then ... Make yourself visualise that all is well and you are protected.

When anxiety persists in spite of your will, remember, that you may be helping to create the very experience you are dreading.

Meet positive people who can help you.

The Vedantic attitude would be to truly believe that you are the Invincible spirit and as such fear and anxiety have no place in your life.

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