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On Marriage

One has to go through grueling years of study to become a doctor, engineer etc.

Somehow, to become a good partner in marriage, we have no training. No wonder, it mostly ends In disaster.

Do not enter a marriage with the attitude that if it does not work out, you can have a divorce.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will make it work.

One always believes that it is the other's responsibility to take care of his/her needs. One has to remember to have realistic expectations.

One has to learn and tolerate each other's shortcomings and moods. Do not say cruel things that you may regret later.

Learn to say, "something is wrong", rather than., "It is your fault!"

Communicate wisely say clearly what you want, what you feel. The other must always read that "you care" underneath what you are asking for.

It is not necessary that in good marriages all disagreements are resolved. It is not necessary that satisfied couples spend almost all their free time together. Spouses may pursue separate, though clean, interests, then come together to pool experiences.

In a marriage, it is important that couples set aside time regularly to be together otherwise, it is easy to lose touch and grow apart.

Strangely, as time passes one often observes that husbands become more sensitive and wives more independent.

A relationship can still be good despite the fact that there are things about your spouse that you will never like. After all, the perfect husband or wife just does not exist.

To Conclude:

I am reminded of a story. A man grew old looking for the perfect woman. A friend once met him and asked him, 'What happened buddy, didn't you find the perfect woman you were looking for?"

The old man replied, that he had but unfortunately, she was looking for the perfect man!

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