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On Criticism

If one is affected by criticism, one has to admit that one has a lack of confidence in oneself.

If somebody says that we are "no good", it is the little voice inside us that seems to confirm the statement, and makes us sad, otherwise we would not bother about it.

I cannot imagine Gautarn Buddha or Mira affected by criticism.

Once Gautam Buddha was pelted with stones by those who did not believe in him. Buddha's disciple, concerned, asked him whether he was hurt. Buddha answered, I am trying to observe whether It has hurt my emotions and equilibrium."

In the case of Mira she sings:

Log Kahe Meera bhai banwari
Saas Kahe Kul nasi-re.

Which means people say I am crazy, and my mother in-law claims that I have tainted the family name.

Does she cry at the above?

No! She adds:

Pag ghungroo bandh
Meera nachi - re.

I will continue to sing to the tune of the Jingling bells tied to my feet.

This does not however mean that we must disregard criticism that comes from our loved ones to Improve ourselves.

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