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Chetti Chand (Jhulelal)
Easter Sunday
Ganesh Chaturti
Ganesh Chaturti (Pg. 2)
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Thoughts on Ganesh Chaturti

Thought One Thought Two Thought Three
Thought Four Thought Five Thought Six

Thought One

Lord Ganesh was born on the 4th day of the bright fortnight of the month of 'Magh'. 'Chatur' means 4. He controls the 8 directions of the Cosmos. 'Gana' means to count. The science of Astrology is dependant on numbers. Hence Lord Ganesh is the Master of Astrology. No wonder that one worships Lord Ganesh before embarking on anything auspicious. Those who would like to fast on Ganesh Chaturthi, start their series of fasting as of today. 

Lord Ganesh's big ears denote that He can hear everything. The long trunk of an elephant has the quality of being able to uproot a tree, and at the same time pick up a tiny needle from a haystack. This is again a quality attributed to the Lord, as we believe that in spite of His great power, the tiniest creature does not pass unnoticed by Him. Lord Ganesh's large belly denotes prosperity. The planet Mars and Ganpati are considered to have the same complexion. On Ganesh Chaturthi frequencies from Mars and Ganesh reach the Earth.

May the Lord Ganesh bestow His Grace upon all of you today.

Thought Two

So people will once again  be bringing 'Lord Ganpati' into their homes. They will be performing prayers and entertaining Him for a few days and then they will bid Him farewell with a request to return next year!

This wonderful custom was popularized by Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak to bring together the 'Hindustanis' during the British rule. Originally worshipping Lord Ganesha was a family affair. Wet clay was fashioned into a symbolic Ganesha form, placed on the left palm and worshipped with the chanting of mantras, followed by the rituals. The idol was the immersed in the well or a pond. A devout Hindu believes that what came from the earth should return there.

Ganpati is supposed to smash, with the help of His trunk, all the obstacles that come in the path of His devotees. If the trunk of 'Ganesha' is curved to the right He is called 'Sidhi Vinayaka' and requires special worship.

So let us worship Him again this year. Let us bring Him, not only into our homes, but into our hearts and keep Him there. The idol we may do 'visarjan' (immersion) of, and together with it, our negative tendencies.

Thought Three

Those conversant with Yoga would know that the 'Kundalini Shakti' or primordial energy, rises in a zigzag manner through the Spinal chord, culminating in the third eye, which resides in between the eye-brows. When the trunk of Ganeshji is facing straight forward, it signifies that the passage, though the Spinal chord, or 'Sushumna' is entirely open. When the trunk of Ganeshji is swung  right in the air, it means that the 'Kundalini Shakti' has reached the Sahasraar' or the Region of the third eye, permanently.

The left side, represents the Moon. The right side represents the Sun. Hence if the Trunk of ones Ganeshji leans towards the Right, It would require special worship, as the 'Sun' would burn one if rules are violated.

During earlier times, Ganpati was a tribal God, Guardian of the forests. He was, in fact believed to be a creator of obstacles, by whose Grace one could survive in the treacherous jungles. This world is no less than a jungle, where we constantly require His Grace to survive.  He forever protects us. His Big ears hear our tiniest complaint. His Big Belly, remind us that He is Prosperity Itself, and He owns all that we might require. His trunk has the capacity to uproot a tree and to pick up a needle from a hay-stack. He is all powerful, yet He sits on a humble mouse to remind us that however powerful He may be is forever present on Earth, a humble planet, in the vast Universe.

Thought Four

In the case of  Aum What looks like 3 is the 'a' sound in Sanskrit, the tail or trunk is the 'u' sound and the dot on the half moon is the nasal sound Together it says 'Aum' Aum is also a visual, and if you care to interpret it in the following way, it looks like a Ganpati. The lower part of the 3 is the belly,and the 'u' is the trunk, with a tika on top.

Once again it is that time of year when the devout invite Lord Ganpati to their home and entertain him, with so much love!

Thought Five

People often say that God is Just and Merciful.

If one analyses the two adjectives, one will realise that if one relies on justice, one cannot always be merciful and if one shows Mercy, one probably cannot exercise proper justice. The theory of karma is based on justice. Forgiveness is a gift of Mercy. If you will only bear with me, I would like to explain to you a theory which explains the above a bit better.

On the earth and for some miles around it we experience the Law of Gravity. The Law of gravity does not exist in Space. Similarly while we are bound by human knowledge, the Laws of karma apply. Once we transcend through love. We break the barriers and we enter the Law of Grace, compassion and mercy. We have then entered the realm of miracles. Now we can use our thoughts, feelings, words and actions to co-create with God our own reality.

I will not  write further on  the above subject. Will you re-read what I have written and ponder upon it?

The Lord  Ganpati,  is being revered across India, for the present 10 days as a great clearer of obstacles. He is considered a symbol of wisdom and a bringer of good luck. He is believed to be a very powerful positive force in the Universe. It is said that Ganpati was born when Shivji and Mother Parvati contemplated on 'OM'

There was once a competition in Heaven as to who would circle the Universe first. While the other gods went in different directions, Ganpati circled round His parents. Some believe that because of Ganpati's example, we hindus revere our parents always. Therefore we need not celebrate Mother's and Father's day , only on a particular day each year. So let us call upon Ganpati to enter into our lives and affairs, and not leave our hearts even though we bid adieu to Him at the end of the 10 day celebration. 

Thought Six

The 12th of Sepember, 2000 is Maha-visarjan-day. The grandest (in stature) of Ganpatis will be returned to the elements (Water). They have been feasted in a grand manner fit for gods, and now it is time to chant:

Ganpati Baba Morya!
Pudcha varshi laukarya!

Which means: O Ganpati
Return soon, next year

As we prepare to allow Him to leave, let us get to know a little more about Him.

Ganeshji (Another name for Ganpati Bapa) is the beloved son of Shivji and Ma Parvati. Shivji used to leave Parvati for long periods of time, to immerse Himself into deep meditation. During one such time, Ma was feeling lonely, so she took some clay and water and commenced to shape a baby. She breathed life into him, and called the beautiful baby, Ganesh.

Once Ma Parvati went in to bathe and asked Ganesh not to let anyone in. Shivji happened to return from his long sojourn and Ganesh refused him entry.  Enraged Shivji cut off Ganesh's head as he did not recognise the child. Ma Parvati implored him to restore her son's life. Lord Shiva said that he would cut the head of the first living creature that passed by and use it to replace his son's head, and that is what he did.

However it makes me wonder why Lord Shiva said that he would cut the head of the first living creature that passed. Could Lord Shiva have performed a head transplant?  Eric Van Daniken in his book 'Chariots of the Gods' claims that humanity was very advanced in early history and far-fetched theories like the above one, should be taken literally.

Later, Ganeshji married Sidhhi and Buddhi and had two sons called Kshem and Labh. Please do some homework! find out the meaning of the above names and you will be able to learn the great qualities that Ganeshji is endowed with.

Ganeshji is called 'Ekdanta' because he broke one tusk while he engaged in a fight. 'Ekdanta' means 'one tooth'

Once the 'Moon' laughed at the appearance of Ganpati. The moon since has had dark spots on its beautiful surface as punishment.

Ved Vyaasji is the Poet Supreme . He penned the Shrimad Bhaagvat besides other remarkably Divine compositions. While writing the Mahabharata, Ved Vyaasa realised that his thoughts were flowing faster than his pen. So he requested Ganpatiji to write, while he dictated. Ganpatiji agreed. But he put up a condition. VedVyaas must not stop his dictation even for a second. VedVyaas agreed on the condition that Ganpatiji would only write a couplet after he understood it. 

Ganeshji speed in writing was unsurpassed, hence Ved Vyaasji composed a difficult  'shloka' from time to time to keep Ganeshji busy trying to understand what he was writing.

So we have Ganpatiji to thank, for writing the hundred thousand couplets (shlokas) of the Mahabharata, which took 3 years to complete.

Remember, Ganpatiji's wife's name is 'Buddhi'? Buddhi means intellect and wisdom.

Truly Ganpati possesses all the powers to do away with any difficulty that confronts a devotee of his.  So say with me:

Ganpati Bappa Morya
Pudchaa Varshi laukarya!


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