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Raksha Bandhan

Thought One Thought Two

Thought One

Last week was 'Raksha Bandhan'. Raksha means 'protection'  This Raksha' is considered two-fold.  The sister ties it on the brother's wrist to remind him that he is to protect her during times of adversity, and it is believed that the sister protects her brother by virtue of the fact that she prays that her brother is always saved from harm's way always, and in every way.  Indrani tied it on Lord Indra's wrist to protect him while He warred with the Demons.

You should tie it on your Loved Deity's or/and Guru's wrist to seek protection. Krishna may  not only be considered a 'brother' but you may have various types of relationships with Him. He can be your 'Guru' your 'friend', your child, even your Lover or Husband.

Meera sang: 

'Mere to Giridha Gopal, doosro na koyee'
Jaakey sar Mor-Mukut mero pati soyee'

Which means that I only recognize 'My Krishna, He who adorns Himself with a peacock-feather on His crown, as my husband'

On  'Janmashtami' The 1st of September, we celebrate Krishna's Birthday. May He be born anew in everyone's heart.

Thought Two

On Give and Take on Raksha Bandhan Day.

It is ‘Brother and Sister Day’ this coming Saturday. 

It is popularly called Raksha Bandhan day.

On this day, every sister ties a raakhi’(Thread) on her brother’s wrist to remind him about the special love, and bond that they enjoy. The brother gives the sister a gift in cash or kind.

The other day I was reading about how they have come up with silver and golden raakhis, in exorbitant prices!

Let me tell you a story:

Once Satyabhaama, one of Krishna’s wives felt that she was loved the most, by Krishna.

Satyabhaama enquired of Naaradji how she could ensure, that she attain Krishna as her husband, in her next life also.

Naaradji said that you achieve that, in the next life, which you give away, in this life in charity (Daan).

So Satyabhaama gave Krishna away to Naarad.

Naaradji decided to take Krishna away with him.

All the queens panicked as they saw Krishna being led by Naarad.

Naaradji promised to release Krishna if any of the wives, could give Naaradji, something equivalent to Krishna’s weight!

All the wives brought out their prized possessions, and placed them on the scale; but Krishna turned out to be heavier!

Then Rukmani plucked a basil (Tulsi) leaf and placed it on the scale ‘with all her love’

And Lo and Behold! Krishna was out-weighed!

At this point let me quote from the Geeta where Krishna says in the 25th verse of the 9th Chapter:

Patram pushpam phalam toyam, yo me bhaktyaa prayachhati,
Tadaham bhaktyu pahritam ashnaami prayataat manah

Which means:

I accept (that offering happily) of a leaf, a flower, a fruit, a little water, (which is given to me) with devotion and a pure mind! (heart)

Have a great Raksha-Bandhan-Day!


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