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Peaceful, without any sins, one who gives liberation, Brahma & Shambu have served you greatest of all the devatas, one who is seen in the human form by Maya, one who washes all our sins, full of pity, best among the Raghuvanshi and the Greatest of all Kings Shree Rama, I salute you. Give all your divine blessings so that we can free our minds from the desires of life & sins.

“ Oh! Treasure of great strength, your body is like “Sumeru” the golden mountain, good qualities are present in you, King of all the monkeys, dearest devotee of Shree Rama, I salute you, oh son of Vayu the wind god.”

Hearing these beautiful words said by Jambuvan, Hanuman told his brothers to eat the fruits & flowers of the forest & faithfully await his return from Lanka after meeting Sita. He also tells them that he had a very happy feeling in his heart & thus was sure that he would be successful in his journey. Saying this, he took leave & leapt towards Lanka.

On the shore he saw a beautiful mountain & playfully leapt on it & prayed to Shree Rama. Then with great force, he resumed his journey to Lanka. The mountain immediately sank to the bed of the ocean once Hanumanji leapt from it. The Ocean thought Hanumanji to be a messenger & therefore he told “Mainak” Mountain to give him shelter so that he could rest & then resume his journey. But Hanumanji just touched him & then with folded hands told him that he would rest only after he had completed his job

 The Devatas saw Hanumanji & wanted to test him so they sent “sursa” the mother of snakes to speak to him. She told him that the Devatas had sent her food but Hanumanji told her that only after he accomplished his job of meeting Sita, he would rest & on returning, she could devour him. But Sursa was not willing so Hanumanji told her that she could eat him. He made himself twice as big. Sursa made her mouth 16 times bigger & immediately Hanumanji became 32 times bigger.

In this manner he became double her size each time & then eventually became so small in size that he entered her open mouth & flew out. He then folded his hands & asked for leave. Sursa was very pleased & blessed him. She told him that he was an Ocean of Strength & Wisdom & that he would accomplish Lord Ram’s work.

A demoness used to stay in the ocean, who used to see the shadow of birds in the water & catch them by Maya. Thus they would be unable to fly & fall in the water. She did the same thing for Hanumanji, but he immediately recognised her. He killed her & then flew across to a mountain from which he could see many trees with beautiful flowers & fruits. Then he sat on it & could see the fortress of Lanka. He saw that the city was surrounded by water. There were houses of gold & studded with jewels & gems. He could also see the markets, beautiful roads & well-maintained lanes. Elephants, horses & donkeys were moving around in groups. There were Rakshasas of many kinds who looked very powerful & their strength could not be described. Lanka was full of gardens, lakes, wells, humans, Devatas; Nagas & Gandharva girls who were so beautiful that they could even win the minds of Rishis & Munis. At places there wee huge mountains like people who were roaring with energy. They would challenge each other & practice wrestling in the Akharas (schools of learning the art of wrestling.).Strong fighters & warriors were posted at various corners of the city to protect it from enemies.

Tulsidas has mentioned about the people living in Lanka because they were destined to die with the arrows of Shree Ram. Seeing all the scenes, Hanumanji decided that he would have to take the form of a very small insect to get into the city. Thus he took the form of a small fly & with the name of Shree Ram in his heart he flew towards Lanka.

Lankini, a demoness, used to stay near the gate to guard the city. She told Hanumanji that robbers were her food & no one could enter Lanka before taking her permission. Hearing this, Hanumanji gave her one blow, with which she fell down & vomited out blood. She then carefully got up & with folded hands, said that when Ravan received a boon from Brahma, he had told her about the end of the Rakshasa clan. He also told her that when she would get beaten by a monkey, she should realise that the end was near. Putting together all her strength, she then told Hanumanji that she was very happy that she met her end under the hands of Shri Ram’s messenger & that she could meet him. She also told him that all the comforts of heaven are nothing when compared to the teachings & Gyan received in the last minutes of one's life.

Lankini then advises Hanumanji to keep Shri Ram in his heart & do all his duties, by doing thus all foes will turn to friends, the ocean will turn peaceful & even the Sumeru mountain would seem nothing to that person towards whom Shri Ram would look.

Hanumanji searched each & every palace in Lanka & then he entered Ravana’s palace, but even there he could not find Sita.

 Further, he spotted a beautiful temple, which was surrounded by many tulsi plants & inside was the carving of the bow & arrow of Shri Ram. Seeing this, Kapiraj Hanuman was very happy, but thought to himself that in Lanka, where only demons lived, who could have made Shri Ram’s temple. Whilst contemplating, he saw Vibhishan coming in. He immediately decided to speak to him because speaking to a sadhu would never be harmful.

Hanuman then took the form of a Brahmin & spoke to Vibhishan. Vibhishan was so happy that he asked if he was a bhakt of Shri Ram or was he Shri Ram himself & had come to give him darshan in his house as he felt immense pleasure in his heart when he saw him. Hearing this, Hanumanji told him Shri Ram’s story & then Vibhishan asked Hanumanji if Shri Ram would accept him because he was very unhappy living in Lanka. But now he was sure that he had the blessings of Shri Ram as he had the good fortune of meeting a saint like him

Bin satsang vivek na hoi, Ram kripa bin sulabh na hoi.

Hanuman then tells Vibhishan that it is Shri Ram’s nature to always love his bhaktas. He gives him his own example by saying that he is a monkey who is considered to be low in caste & any person who took their name early morning, would not get food the whole day. Besides all this, Shri Ram has bestowed his blessings on us & saying this there were tears in Hanumanji’s eyes. Anybody who does not realise this & runs after the worldly pleasures will always be unhappy. He then told Vibhishan that he wanted to meet Sita Mata. After Vibhishan told Hanumanji about Ashok vatika, he resumed his search in the form of a fly.

 Hanuman saw Sita sitting under a tree in the vatika. She looked frail & tired; he observed that she spent the whole night sitting in meditation of Shri Ram.

At that moment Ravan entered the vatika with many Rakshasis. He threatened Sita & told her that she would be very happy if she would marry him. Hearing this, Sita picked up a blade of grass as a shield & told Ravan that he had no idea about the speed & strength of her Lord’s arrows & that he would meet his end soon because he had got her in Lanka by deceit. Ravan, in his anger, removed his sword & told Sita that she had insulted him & he could even sever her head from her body if she did not listen to him.

 Sita replied to him that she preferred to die by his sword than listen to him. She also told him that Shri Ram’s arms were as gentle as a lotus garland but at the same time as strong as an elephant trunk.

 Sita then looks at the sword, which was cold & sharp  & thinks whether it can lessen her pain, which she is going through on being separated from Shri Ram. Ravan moves towards Sita, but is stopped by Mandodari, who tells him it is against the valour of a man to raise his hand on a woman.

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