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We have moved. The updated website is now at www.dalsabzi.com. Please click on the link to go there

What is Dal Sabzi for the Aatman

Dal Sabzi for the Aatman is a website dedicated to spreading a message of spirituality through the medium of weekly e-mail message by Shakun Narain.  To know more about this website, click here.

What's New

I have started out a new section called 'Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani'.  It is basically stories for the children to read.  These stories have been drawn from the Shrimad Bhaagvad.  Do read them to your children and let them share the joy of discovering the Lord.


Check out the latest  thoughts / articles :

09-Oct-2001 Feedback on Ma Vaishno Devi - From Sanjay   
09-Oct-2001 Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Sindhi Nursery Rhymes  
08-Oct-2001 Prayers - "Jai Jagdeesh Hare" Aarti     
07-Oct-2001 Feedback on 'Peace without War' - From Roli  
29-Sep-2001 Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Krishna Steals Hearts  
28-Sep-2001 Links page updated.   
28-Sep-2001 Feedback on Samundra Manthan - From Suneel 
27-Sep-2001 Bhagvaad - Samudra Manthan  
27-Sep-2001 Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Krishna is Born   
25-Sep-2001 Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Krishna and Yashoda Maa  
23-Sep-2001 Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Gajendra The Elephant  


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We have used graphical link buttons, visible on the left.  Being graphics, they may take time to load, especially over a slow connection.  But with the increasing bandwidth planned for the future, download time will be reduced considerably.

Do read the 'About Dal Sabzi' (button on top bar) to know more about this site.

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