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About Dal Sabzi

I embarked on my spiritual journey a long time back.  I learnt a lot, experienced a lot, and grew a lot.  And now I want to share that knowledge with you.  The world is a huge place, and the knowledge to be gained is infinite.  No one can do justice to what can be imparted, but we try.  This site attempts to present to you snippets of insights, from others as well as myself.  It is in part, my own personal journey, which I hope by sharing with you, may help you in your own quest for the known, yet unknown.

Dal Sabzi for the Aatman is a weekly mailer started by Shakun Narain Kimatrai. She is a guide on Spiritual matters, especially popular with the young Sindhis.  The Dal sabzi for the Aatman has proved to be so popular, that she has been requested by many, around the world, to be added, on her mailing list.  This website is a collection of all the mailers she sent out,  all the books she has written, mantras for everyday use, and a lot of other interesting pages.  We hope you enjoy the same.

DAL SABZI - The Beginning :
We humans are made up of different sheaths. The most gross, is the body, which is kept alive by food, water and air. The second sheath is subtler and depends upon inspirational words of wisdom or/and experience to subsist.  I could not provide food for the gross sheath through my keyboard, but I could, through my computer send out nutrition to the Spirit.  Thus was born "Dal sabzi for the Aatman". Initially, I sent it out to my friends, who in turn requested me to add theirs to my list.

Once I had told my Guru that I do not feel that I have the right to lecture to people and write instructions, when I still have so many short-comings.  She gently told me: "You do not lecture, you share what you know and feel".  It is my fervent prayer that your soul savors the 'dal sabzi'  that I send  out through my electronic mail, and digest  what I cook with love.

What's in DAL SABZI

Thoughts - These are various observations of mine, or snippets of knowledge which I mail out every week. This is the archive of all my weekly mailers. This compromises of : 

Message of the Masters: My thoughts on various spiritual teachers.

Language of Festivals: My thoughts on the various festivals we celebrate.

Song of Life: Spiritual insights on various events in life.

Wisdom of the Scriptures: Understandings from the Holy Books.

Bhagvaad: My understanding of the Srimaad Bagvaad, the holy book of Lord Krishna.

Articles - These are articles written by me and about me.  The articles I have written are more detailed in nature and about specific people, events or places.

Books - These are all the books I have written till date, in complete form. The books are :

Hindu Customs & Beliefs: A book about the various customs we follow.

Symbolisms in the Ramayana: What we can learn from the Ramayana.

In Touch with Masters: My interactions with the Gurus who have influenced my spiritual growth.

Nisaadhanta: A discourse by Morari Bapa on surrendering to the Lord.

Wisdom of Sindh: What has been passed down by our Sindhi ancestors.

History of Sindhis in Sindh : A translation by my Husband Narain of an old text detailing our Sindhi roots.

Remembering Maa: I share with you, my moments with my Guru, Maa Indira Devi.

Mantras & Prayers - Various prayers and their meanings, which can be used by all.

Interesting Links - A few of my favorite web sites which I would like to share with you.

Mere Hamsafar - Where reader's share their personal stories of spiritual growth.

Readers Respond - When readers comment about my thoughts, articles which are worth sharing.

Divine Dohas - Couplets penned by various saints in praise of the Lord.

Enlightening Information - Articles by different authors on spiritual matters.

Dadi Nani Ki Kahaani - Stories for children.


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