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Krishna Born

On the 12 of August (Janmaashtami Day) Krishna is to be born once again, if one will allow Him, in ones heart!

Krishna was born of Devki and Vasudev.

Devki’s brother Kamsa was afraid of a soothsayer’s prediction, that the 8th son, born of Devki would kill him

So Kamsa had Devki and her husband Vaasudev, imprisoned.

Vaasudev and Devki remained patient and ‘jaagrut’ (spiritually awake) while in jail.

God comes to those who possess the above qualities.

Kamsa then proceeded to have all his sister’s sons killed!

Devki became pregnant with her 8th child.

She prayed to the Lord Narayana to fulfill the prophecy (of being born through her womb, as an incarnation of God, to destroy evil).

When the time arrived for the divine child to take birth, the Lord Narayana appeared in His Form with Four Arms! (Chatur-Bhuj-Svaroop)

The Divine Form of God, told Vaasudev and Devki to contemplate and meditate upon this Form for 11 years, as He promised that He would return to them, then.

Even after God appears contemplation and meditation is essential!

In the Bhagvad Geeta, Krishna appears in the Form of God in the 11th Chapter.

The Divine ‘Chatur-Bhuj-Svaroop’ turned to a child form.

Baby Krishna conveyed to Vaasudev to take Him to the house of Nand-Baba.

So Vaasudev placed the Divine child in a cane basket, and carried Him on his head.

The Gates of the jail opened miraculously! And the fetters were released!

When one places the Lord in ones intellect,one is bound to get liberated!

As Vaasudev crossed the River Yamuna, it rose and rose until it touched the feet of the Divine Child; and then receeded!

Vaasudev arrived in Gokul with Krishna.

Krishna grew up as Yashoda’s and Nand’s child.

‘Yash’ means one who bestows fame.

Nand means one who bestows Bliss  ‘Anand’.

When the Gopis heard of the ‘coming’ of Krishna, they ran towards the home of Yashoda-Nand. They were impatient for Krishna-Darshan. (Seeing Krishna)

It is believed that the Gopis, cows, even each grain of the soil of the land of Gokul was an incarnation of a Rishi (Great Sage) who had willingly taken birth at the time of Krishna, to be blessed with being a participant of the great drama (Leela) that was about to unfold.

We could have Him born in our hearts this 12th of August, Janmaashtami Day!


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