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Previous Janams Of Dhruv And Naarad

In my last note we learned of how a 5 year old carried to fruition his dream of becoming an Immortal Star.

One would wonder however how an innocent 5-year old, could endure so many hardships to fulfill his aim.

You guessed right Dhruv! was in his previous life a soul of a very great order.

Then what was the reason for him taking birth as ‘Dhruv’?

Dhruv in his earlier life had been a sage who had undertaken a severe penance.

Once he came face to face with a princely couple and he felt the desire to be born as a prince!

Hence his incarnation as Dhruv.

Note how the pain and humiliation he endured was essential to his further growth.

Yes, my dear Readers! I do believe that ALL our wishes come true! If not in this life, then in the next! So dream on!

Or drop dreams and desires, and also the endless wheel of life and death!

Remember Naarad, the wandering sage and the helpful and loving Guru of Dhruv?

Let us learn about his previous life.

Naaradji was the son of the maid-servant of a Vedic scholar.

He was not very interested in child-play, and would talk little.

Naaradji would take great pleasure in serving the Sages. He was initiated into the Mantra:

‘Om Namo Bhagvade Vaasudevaaya’.

Naaradji would partake of the Sages’ left-over. He believed that that food, became the reason for him becoming cleansed of his impurities!

Naaradji imbibed the knowledge that the Sages imparted and understood the truth about the Creator and His Creation.

He learned about Krishna and His pranks and Wisdom, and that knowledge made Naaradji achieve ‘Param-pad ki Praapti’ i.e. ‘Realization of the Highest kind’.

Naaradji, even though only 5 years old had an intense desire to follow the Spiritual Path but could not do so.

His mother was extremely attached to him and proved an obstacle in his Spiritual evolution.

One day, his mother died of snake-bite and that left young Naarad free to follow his heart’s desire.

Little Naarad moved towards the jungle. One day he bathed, drank some water and felt refreshed. He sat under a tree and started his meditation just like the Sages had taught him.

His devotion brought tears to his eyes and in his heart, the Lord appeared!

Naaradji drowned in a flood of bliss…but just as suddenly the Lord had appeared, so He disappeared!

As much as Naaradji tried to draw back to him, his Divine Experience, he was unable to so.

Naaradji heard a ‘Voice’which told him, that the appearance of the Lord was only to awaken an intense desire in him to pursue the Divine Path! That ‘Voice’ further stated that Naaradji would not be able to perceive the Lord again in this ‘janam’ (life). However the longing would continue and not break!

Naaradji started to roam the worlds singing the Lord’s praises.

One day, as suddenly as lightning strikes, Naaradji renounced the body.

It was the time of the Dissolution of Creation, so along with Brahma, Naarad entered and reached the Lord’s heart.

When the time came for the Re-Creation of the worlds, Naaradji emerged again.

Since then Naaradji has been, with God’s Grace, been moving without ‘Rok-Tok’ (Obstacles) in Heaven, Earth, Within and Without.

And of course, he gets to have ‘darshan’ of the Lord whenever he so desires.


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