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Page One

Follows a chavpaayee from the Ram-Charit-Maanas

Naath sakal sadhan main heena
Kinhi kripa jani jan dina
So kachhu dev na mohi nihora
Nij pan rakheo jan man chora

Which means:   I have no means of reaching you, oh Lord! Except through Your own grace, When you do accept me as your own, it would not be a matter of surprise for me, Nor shall I consider it a favour on your part , For I know it to be a manifestation of Your own nature, which is All Merciful

Ekai dharam,ek vrat nema
Kaai bachan man pati pad prema

Which means: Recite the Lord's name in whichever way,and in whatever form you like and that will enhance your faith in your own Ishtadeva (personal deity)

Prem prem se hota hai
aur prem nem se hota hai

It means: You receive love from love, and you receive love from performing regular religious rites.

Tulsidasji claims:"

Ehi kali kaal na saadhan dooja,
Jog jagya jap tap vrat puja."

Which means that, during the Iron age difficult penances and rituals will not be possible, only chanting the Lord's name and keeping His remembrance in your heart will enable you to achieve Him.

Who can achieve the Lord?

Kaam aadi mad dambh na jaake
Taat nirantar bas mein taake

Which means that the Lord belongs to one who has no desire, greed nor hypocrisy.

When Hanumaanji met Vibhishan (Raavana's brother) then the latter said:

Taat kabahu mohi jaani anaatha
kari ahi kripa bhaanukul naatha

Which means: "Since I am an orphan, I know that the Lord will one day think of me"

Ab mohi bhaya bharosa Hanumanta
Binu Hari kripa milahi nahin santa

Which means that : I am now convinced, O Hanuman, that without the Lord's Grace one does not come in contact with His messanger (a saint).

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