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Page Two

Ram Ram Raghunaath japat
Shravat nayan jal jaat

The above was the state of Sri Bharatji when Hanumaanji returned to Ayodhya with news of victory. Bharatji's eyes burnt, (was in constant pain) as he yearned for Sri Ram.

Tulsidaasji says:

Nar bibidh karma adharma bahu
Mat sokaprad sab tyaagahu
Bisvaas kari kaha daas Tulsi
Ram pada anuraagahu

Which means: A lot of actions, a lot of opinions give rise to confusion and pain. So surrender your actions and opinions to the Lord. Keep full faith in Him and have love for the Lord's feet.

Sri Krishna, in the Srimad Bhagwad, says

Na saadhayati maama yogo
Na saankhyam dharma Udhava
Na swadhyaayasta pastyaago
Yatha bhaktirma morjita

Which means that I am more pleased by one who tries to achieve me by devotion rather than by yoga or the knowledge of deep spiritual thoughts and doctrines.

Chinta kaadaapi na kuryaat
Niveditmapi kadaapi iti

Mahaprabhuji says : When you have surrendered your mind and soul to the Lord, then what do you have to worry about?  He is a true spiritual pilgrim, who does not worry, who only prays.

Ek ghari aadhi ghari,
aadhi se puni aadhi
Tulsi sangati Sadhu ki
Hare koti apraadhi

Which means that Tulsidasji claims that even if you spend, an hour, half an hour or even a quarter of an hour in the Company of an Enlightened Human being, it destroys all your wrong doings.

Janh lagi saadhan Ved bakhaani
Sab kar phal Hari Bhagati Bhavaani

Shivji tells Paarvati: "These efforts mentioned in the Vedas make one achieve devotion towards the Lord"

We may not remember but we have been a victim of sin for lifetimes, and yet it does not loosen its hold over us. Evil is destroyed primarily by the company of saints.

Main santon ke peechhe jaaoon
Janh janh sant sidhaare
Sant charan raj ang lagaai
Sant mohi praan piyaare

Which means that;
 (The Lord states):
I move where my beloved saints dwell
I anoint my body with the dust of my saint's feet
Who are dearer to me  than Life itself.

Udhav man na bhaye das bees
Ek huto so gayo Syaam sang, Ko aaradhe Ees

The gopis say: "We had only one mind, which has been stolen by Krishna. Now we have nothing left with us with which to perform any kind of worship.

Jo ghar phoonke haath se to chale hamaare saath
Kabira khada bazaar mein liye mashaali haath.

Kabira says that he can follow him, who is ready to burn his own house, that is one who has surrendered his all, in the altar of love. This is the kind of intoxication that prepares you for such a state of fearlessness.

Tulsidasji claims:

Jaane binu na hoi partiti
Binu partiti hoi nahin priti

Which means that first one must make acquaintance, and get to know the other, then a rapport has to be created between the two. Once that happens , love follows close behind.

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