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Krishna And Yashoda Ma
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Krishna And Yashoda Ma

Krishna was an incarnation of God.

Incarnation means when God takes the form of the body.

Otherwise you can see God everywhere.

When you see the beauty of the mountains and the flowers and the colorful butterflies, one gets a glimpse of God.

What is a glimpse? Well it is a peek into how beautiful, God the Creator is!

Anyway coming back to Krishna, He was a very charming child.

You might ask why I have spelt ‘He’ with a capital ‘H’?

Well because when you refer to God, you refer to Him in capital words.

As I was saying Krishna was a very lovable child. Everyone loved Him.

One day he was playing outside. He put His muddy hands into His mouth.

His mother Yashoda Maiya, got very upset and she asked little Krishna to open His mouth!

Guess what she saw inside Krishna’s mouth? The whole world! Not only did she see the planet, but the whole universe with all the stars and the Sun and the Moon! Yashoda Maiya saw all the continents in the world. All the oceans. All the forests. All the villages. She also saw Vraj, the village in which they lived. She also saw herself looking into Krishna’s mouth!

Yashoda Maiya was suddenly afraid that she had mistaken God for Krishna, and she felt very repentant that she had been scolding Krishna. But Krishna did not want His mother to be afraid of Him. He loved His mummy so much!!!

So He started to cry! Yashoda Maiya again saw Krishna in the form of her little child and she lovingly gathered Him in her arms.

Do you love your mummy that much? I am sure that mummy loves you too and she sometimes scolds you because it is for your own good. So that you grow up to be a wonderful grown-up, who the whole world will love and admire!


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