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Krishna Steals Hearts


Krishna Steals Hearts

Krishna used to love butter.

He was naughty but all the Gopis in Vraj loved Him.

You want to know who the Gopis are? They were the ‘Aunties’ that lived in Vraj.

They would stock up butter in their homes and wait for Krishna to come and take away the butter, that they had so lovingly prepared for Him.

It is said that Krishna would steal the butter. Why would God want to steal the butter, when all the butter in the world belongs to Him?

I prefer to believe that butter is soft like the heart and so ‘Butter’ means heart, and that is what God does? Steal your heart and all the wrong things that go on in your mind.

Are you able to understand that?

Well anyways, one day Yashoda Ma got very angry with Krishna and ran after Him. But she could not catch Him. You know why? Because while she was running after Krishna , His back was towards her. And the back stands for all the wrong things. So that means that if you are running after the wrong things in life, you will not be able to catch Krishna.

Yashoda Ma was holding a stick in her hand. Can you catch God with  a stick in your hand? No, right? So Yashoda Ma was not able to catch Krishna!

When Yashoda Ma got tired of running, and she dropped the stick, Krishna faced her!

Yashoda Ma was no longer holding a stick, and she was no longer looking at Krishna’s back. So she was able to catch Krishna.

Now she decided to tie Krishna. Krishna allowed himself to be tied because He knew that His mother was tying Him with a rope of love!

But Krishna’s mother loved Him too much, so she told Him not to be naughty again, and steal her heart as otherwise she was not able to concentrate on her house work.

Yashoda Ma untied Krishna! Krishna and His mother hugged each other because they loved each other so very much!


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