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Sindhi Nursery Rhymes


Sindhi Nursery Rhymes

Rhyme One Rhyme Two

Rhyme One

Hello Children,

An aunty has requested me that I send her a nursery rhyme in Sindhi so that she can teach it to her child.

Will you learn it too, and surprise your parents?

Happy learning and happy milk drinking sessions, so that you have strong teeth and beautiful smiles!!!

Jeko kheer peeyey
So veer thyey
Dand zor vathhan
Daadhaa sunhera lagan
Akhiyu jota vadhe
Daadhee soonha theyey
Kheer sapha sutho
Wah daadho mitho
Baara acho piyo
Kheer joon vatioon
Kheer de amma
Ta pee parana vanyaan

It means:

Whoever drinks milk,
Becomes physically powerful,
Their teeth become strong,
Their eyes become bright!
And beautiful too!
Come, children and drink,
bowls-full of,
White, sweet and good milk,
Mummy give me milk,
So that I go to study.

Rhyme Two

Paiso ladhum pata maan
Paisey vartum gao
Gao dinum gaain khey
Gain dino kheer,
Kheer dinum Amaan khey
Amaan dino lolo
Lolo dinum Kaanva khey
Kaanva dino khamb
Khamb dinum Raja khey
Raja dino ghoro
Chari ghum, Chari ghum,
Chandan phataako,
Jeeyey munhinjo kaako
Kaako vetho maaree tey,
Vichoo lagus daadee tey
Kaakee vethee kothee mein
Vichoo lagus chotee mein.

It means:

Found a coin on the floor,
Bought some grass with it.
Gave the grass to the cow
The cow gave me milk
Gave the milk to mummy
Mummy gave me a (Sindhi) cookie
Gave the cookie to the the crow,
The crow gave me a feather
Gave the feather to a king,
The king gave me a horse
Trot along, trot along,
As fast as a cracker!
Long live my uncle,
My uncle sat on the loft
And a lizard stung him,
My aunt sat in her room,
And a lizard crawled up her plaited hair!


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