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Swami Sivananda
Swami Chidananda
Swami Nirmal Chetan
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On Anxiety and Fear
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In Touch With Masters
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In Touch With Masters


Different people and circumstances have influenced my life.

As I started and moved on, on my spiritual journey different personalities came my way. Each one, like a sculptor, chiseled and hammered at different facets of my personality.

Some answered my queries about life, some enlight­ened me, some inflated my ego, some blew it to smithereens, but they all had something to say, which was worth noting in the Book of my life. I shall be introducing to you different personalities that came into my life, as I perceived them. They all gave me pearls of wisdom, which I threaded into my garland of life and became the richer for it.

The teachings of these wise ones have helped me. Maybe they will help you clear the path of the jungle in which we live, and maybe they will make us all reach the destined goal in this life. If not that much, I am convinced that in the least they will help us in flowering where we are planted.

Bombay,28th April, ‘92

Prologue & Blessings By Swami Nirmal Chetan
A Letter of Blessings By Ma Brij Mohiniji
Blessings By Various Masters
Chapter One Swami Sivananda
Chapter Two Swami Chidananda
Chapter Three Swami Nirmal Chetan
Chapter Four Ma Indira Devi
Chapter Five Ram Kinkar
Chapter Six Sri Morari Bapu
Addendums On Anxiety and Fear
On Criticism
On Marriage
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