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It was Shakun Narain's enquiring mind which led her to go deeper into the whys and the wherefores of Hindu customs and traditions which resulted in her authoring the book "Hindu Customs and Beliefs", and subsequently, another work entitled "Symbolisms in the Ramayana".

"In touch with Masters", her third publication, introduces her readers with the various Spiritual personalities that entered her life and left a deep imprint on it. All the afore-mentioned three books have been published by the 'Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan'.

Her  fourth book "The Wisdom of Sind", makes an effort to immortalize, the Sindhi proverbs and give an insight into the Sindhi way of Life, both modern and ancient.

Symbolisms in the Ramayana
The Ramayana has been presented in its symbolic form. Sri Morari Bapu believes that: "It offers a solution for to our present-day problems and an eternal light for mankind's future".

Hindu Customs & Beliefs
Explore various beliefs and customs from childbirth to marriage and till death.

In Touch With Masters
I brief biography of the Masters who have influenced my life, their beliefs, and my interaction with them.

The Wisdom of Sindh
This book explains the various proverbs found in the Sindhi community. It gives the literal meanings of the proverbs as well as the implied meanings, thereby giving an insight into the Sindhi way of life, the way the Sindhis lived and thought in their 'living in Sind' days.

History of Hindus in Sind
This translation of a book written in Sindhi explores the history of Hindus from Sind, their ancestry, and their way of living.  This book is currently under translation, but we will keep on adding the chapters as they get done.

Remembering Maa - Through the Pages of my Diary
I present to you a few pages from my diary. Meetings and conversations with Ma, my loving guru.  Want to join me as I remember Maa lovingly?

This is a translation done by me on discourses given (rendered) by Shree Morari Bapu on Nisaadhanta which conveys the Human helplessness when all means fail to achieve the Lord


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