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The Sacrifice

It is sad that clash of  religions, should create so much violence and bloodshed.

Henry Thomas Hamblin believed that as the rays of divine love increase on the planet, they can manifest as violence because we are not ready to receive them as we are more ruled by our minds instead of our hearts. If one does not interpret correctly, religion seems to seek to control. It is this need to seek  power that creates violence not only in the world but in our soul as well.

I am not condemning religion. I am only saying that we are limited in our understanding of it. I believe that if we release the need to control, religion  becomes alive because a very nourishing spirit enters into it. 

If one looks closely one can see how all religions in the world are interconnected. Let us take Hinduism and Christianity.

In the Satpatha Brahmanan we read: "God Himself is the sacrifice" In Tandya Maha Brahmanan of Sama Veda we read: "God would offer Himself as a sacrifice and obtain atonement for sins.

The following  is an excerpt translated from the Telugu by H. Kaveribai

According to the Rig Veda: The sacrifice must be a goat without blemish Jesus was the sinless God-man According to the Rig Veda:The "balusu" bush must be placed round its head. A crown of thorns was placed on Jesus' head. According to the Rig Veda: It must be bound to a sacrificial post. Jesus was crucified on the cross. 

According to the Rig Veda: Nails must be driven into its four legs till they bleed. Jesus was nailed hands and feet to the cross.

According to the Rig Veda: The cloth covering the goat should be divided among four priests. Those who nailed Jesus to the cross divided His garment among themselves. According to the Rig Veda: none of its bones should be broken. Not one of Jesus' bones were broken.

According to the Rig Veda: The goat should be given a drink of Soma Juice. Jesus was given vinegar to drink. According to the Rig Veda: After it has been slain, it must be restored to life again. Jesus rose again as death's conqueror.

The Katha Upanishad proclaims: The path is narrow as the edge of a razor. Jesus said: "Narrow is the way which leads unto Life" We Hindus believe in a Trinity: Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh Christians believe in: Father Son and Holy Spirit The occultists believe in: Light Love and Power Humanity at large believe in: Mind Body and Soul 


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