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These are my thoughts which I mail out to my friends.  These thoughts are on different subjects.  To make things easier, I have classified them under the various headings given below.  A brief synopsis is given below the topic to explain what the thought is about.

Message of The Masters
Thoughts on the various Masters, Gurus and Teachers who play an important part in our lives.

Language of Festivals & Beliefs
A brief look at some of the religious festivals of India.

The Wisdom of Scriptures
Trying to explain parts of some of our holy texts.

The Song of Life
A look at different parts of our Spirituality, sometimes from a personal viewpoint.

The Shrimad Bhaagvad deals with the Creation of the Universe, narrates the lives of the different Incarnations of God And every Hindu should READ it at least once during their lifetime, because no amount of lecturing will do it justice.  I offer to you, notes and musings which I made as I read this Tremendous Scripture

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