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Mantras and Prayers

Everyone of us may or may not be familiar with 'Mantras'.

In the World Book Dictionary,  the meaning ascribed to Mantras is: A prayer or Invocation, sometimes held to have magical power'

We all have heard of the power that 'Om' is supposed to bestow. It is considered the most powerful Mantra.
It is believed that the vibrating sound of the "Om' encompasses the Universe. Sages claim that if one chants it continuously with a certain technique then one can be put in tune with the Cosmos. Almost all other Sanskrit Mantras start with the word "Om'. It is almost like the word 'Om' makes the prayer come alive. 

The equivalent of 'Om' in English is I Am' "I AM" is the shortest  and the most powerful sentence in the English language. Since there is magic in the vibrational content of the word 'Om' and/or 'I Am' One must not to use any negative word after it For e.g.: One must not say I am sick, poor, lonely, afraid, etc. If one must,   use the suffix   "I feel..."

In the 'Magic of Mantras' I shall be introducing you to Sanskrit Mantras which may be used for different wants reasons and situations. I believe that they work even if one does not understand the meaning. However understanding them, and/or chanting them correctly makes them more effective as one is then able to infuse more feeling into it. So let us enter together into the Magic World of Mantras.

Mantras may be recited as often as one feels intuitively drawn to recite it. As a matter of fact there is a saying by Kabeer which states:

'Kabeer man nirmal bhayo jaise Ganga neer
Peechhey peechhey Hari phirey kahat Kabeer Kabeer'

Which means that my My mind has become as pure as the waters of the Ganga, hence now the Lord follows me chanting my name!

The above is not an egoistic statement. It is believed that after one has chanted the Mantras a certain number of times, Ones heart becomes so purified that the Lord starts to chant ones name!

Just try and remember to complete your mantras with:
Om Shanti Shanti  Shantih


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