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Peace Without War

Feedback From :


A friend shared with me how her son was traveling to NY that day of uncertainty. He was stuck in London for 3 days - emotional and anxious to come home.

He finally managed to get a flight to San Francisco.

Much later his mother got a call to let her know he was home. They talked every day and he kept telling her how much he loved her...My friend claims that this whole experience has brought them closer - raised his son’s consciousness…

The above confirms what I said in my last ‘Dal-sabzi for the Aatman’ note.

The consciousness wakes when one goes through a crisis and pain!

A new life takes birth after going through agony!

Two phone calls which were made and recorded on that fateful day in NY, by people only moments before their death, were of people telling their close ones how much they loved them.

Does not that prove that love matters a lot more than a lot of things we spend fretting about.

Another reader wrote to me how she expected that I would write something about praying for the world and that how much Prayers can change our destinies.

She said that it would be lovely if I could motivate people to put in their mind energy into thinking that there would be peace on earth without any world war.

Since most of the media now was driving us to the projection of a horrific possibility of a world war, she was was hoping that I would instill an alternative thought.

She believes that it is beautiful that each one of us have so much cosmic bundles of energy with our thoughts that when we all direct it to getting world peace, it shall come to us – PEACE WITHOUT WAR!

“Why not believe in the ways of God to take control?” She asked.

She would like to believe in His total hijack of all this mess. 

“Let God be in the control seat and decide how evil is to be overcome”, she added. She never ever wants to think about arms and weapons to solve the current situation.

She wants to believe in God's power to give us a new faith and ways of surrender to His Will.

She has requested me to use the power of words to inspire people to think and remember God and His supreme power which will take care of the whole world.

She wants the love for God to show in my writings...

But you know what? I have used the power of her words to inspire people to think and remember God and His Supreme Power which will take care of the whole world.

And I allow hers, as well as my love for God to show through my writings...

Another method that comes to my mind on how we could pray for World Peace:

Visualize the Spiritual Energy in the form of white light flow from above, through your head, shoulders and hands, go out to the world which you visualize in the form of a beautiful sphere in front of you.

I have always maintained that words have power. When you see the title ‘Terror in America’ or ‘America under Attack’ on the television screen superimpose it in your mind for ‘Terrorism eradicated’ ‘No innocent lives lost’

When you see grieving people on the TV screen, send them your love and prayers. Send them WHITE LIGHT. Visualise a pink, violet or white beam emanating from your heart going directly to them. Believe me it will reach them.

In Hindi there is a saying which states that we must change ‘Chinta to Chintan’, ‘Chinta’ means ‘worry’ and ‘Chintan’ means ‘prayer’.

Say the prayer ‘Our Father’, it is truly beautiful and appropriate, or chant a Mantra for Peace.

‘Om Shanti’ will do very nicely! Shanti means Peace. Or pick up any Mantra from my web-site that seems apt to you.

Hinduism calls the Creation ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ which means that we all belong to the family of God and this is the time to reinforce that belief. 

There are a lot of messages doing the rounds concerning the predictions of Nostradamus. These are followed by statements claiming that the interpretations of the predictions are not correct and/or that they are exaggerated.

In a Nostradamus book, that I read, the great Seer was asked if the world was in for such disaster anyway, why was he telling man-kind?

He answered that the outcome of what would happen was ultimately in man's hands. If they grew enough, emotionally and Spiritually, maybe the disaster could be averted.

My Guru believed that astrology was a science of probabilities.

Nostradamus believed that Humanity may survive, if it does not destroy itself. The Earthquakes predicted may be Emotional in nature. President Bush is talking about a war, but an intelligent one! Nostradamus believed that in order for the world to survive, the Spiritual and Emotional health of its inhabitants has to improve. We only tend to stretch beyond ourselves in times of trials. Maybe the trials that most of Humanity is being subjected to, in terms of the current turbulent time is necessary for man to question his existence. As he does the above, he becomes more mature Spiritually and Emotionally. And maybe, just maybe, that is what is required for the world to survive!

And then I was moved by yet another letter.

This reader thanked me for my ‘healing e-mail' (We shall overcome). She stated that after spending this week crying or on the verge of crying it was very welcome.

As an American, she knew that they are on the brink of war and that she is sure that their friends and allies would be involved in a lesser way (?) as well. She prays that we have the stamina to endure the unthinkable that lies ahead.

Well I would like to say to her: “I love you, my dear American friend and I hurt with you and I pray for you, and you will have the stamina to endure whatever comes because we shall be there beside you. And we shall overcome it together.”


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