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A ‘Mudra’ is performed by pressing a finger onto another in a particular fashion. Acupressure Therapy states that the key to our health resides in our hands and that a particular kind of energy is continuously transmitted from them. It is believed that there is a chakra in the centre of the palm which emits an electro-magnetic ray .

Most of us have experienced that whenever we rub our hands together, it generates heat. If one adds the power of mind and love, the results can be dramatic.

Like the Universe the human body is made up of 5 elements. In the case of the hand: 

The THUMB represents the Fire or SUN
The INDEX FINGER represents AIR or WIND
The RING FINGER represents EARTH
The SMALL FINGER represents WATER.

The proper study of Mudras helps us to control the 5 elements. These Mudras can create energy waves in our body which help to bring the 5 elements into a proper balance. These then cure many diseases, be they physical, mental and/or spiritual. Achaarya Keshav Deo states: "If a human body is a machine, the mudras are the controlling switches of this machine". Different Mudras are performed for different purposes.


Touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger. No need to press. Though you may sit in any comfortable position, best results are derived whilst meditating sitting cross-legged. This mudra increases Brain Power. It brings relief to people suffering from anger, mental tensions, headaches, insomnia, laziness and depression. It also helps mentally retarded children. You may practice this mudra for as long as you please.




Aakaash means ‘space’ This Mudra is performed by pressing the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the Thumb. The middle finger is specially related to the heart. This Mudra is good for the heart and bone ailments. So if one is chanting one should hold the mala (rosary) in ones right hand close to the heart. If one is seeking wealth and worldly pleasures, that is required for peace And joy in family life, then chanting should be done by holding the mala And moving the beads with ones thumb and middle finger. Do the above if you have a desire for a son. If one uses ones thumb and index finger (Like the Gyaan Mudra) while Moving the beads, it aids in ending enmity and/or suffering. Do not touch the beads with your nails and do not pass the meru (the centre Bead) If you do, you may not get what you desire. Practice this Mudra only when required, and avoid doing it for long periods.


This Mudra is performed by pressing the ring finger and the thumb. It is believed that an electric current passes through the ring finger (Maybe that is the reason for wearing engagements and wedding bands on it) One generally applies tika with the ring finger and/or with the thumb. There is a two-petalled lotus in our forehead according to Yoga. By touching this lotus with the finger or thumb, invisible spiritual powers are enhanced. If one turns the beads of a mala with the thumb and the ring finger, It helps in ones progress towards enlightenment. This Mudra improves the texture of the skin as it improves health. It helps in gaining as much weight as is required. One may practice this Mudra for as long as one feels like.


This Mudra is performed by pressing the tip of the little finger with the Tip of the thumb. If one suffers from dryness of the body, this mudra helps in restoring moisture. This Mudra is beneficial for those who suffer from gastro-enteritis and stomach cramps. You may practice this mudra whenever needed.


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