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An Interview by Vimla Patil

During the month of November, in the year 1981, I had gone to Calcutta with my husband. I had a strong desire to meet Mother Teresa. So I set out. Very strangely people, after having directed me to the right street, could not point out the exact location. So I paced back and forth several times. I finally discovered that the Mother lived on a street behind the one on which I was looking for her. I went inside. Mother was busy with a couple who was looking for a child to adopt. Soon after I was asked to enter. As soon as I saw Mother I fell on my knees and kissed her hand.

I said " I will not take much of your time, I just wanted to have the privilege of being in your presence."

Mother gently told me: "We are all born for a purpose, What I can do, maybe you cannot. But what you are meant to do, I may not be able to".

Following is an excerpt of an Interview by Vimla Patil
which appeared in 'The Sunday Free Press'
dated October19, 1997 : Mother Teresa's message

Shakun Kimatrai is one of the few Mumbaites who had the pleasure of meeting Mother Teresa personally. Proud possessor of an autograph of  the great Nobel Prize winner for world peace, Shakun happily shares the Mother's message with everyone:

"Listen to your inner voice and follow what it tells you. Everyone in this life is born to accomplish a mission. Hence follow the inner command and you will always be happy"  Mother Teresa-28 November 1981. Calcutta.

This is not all. The message has penetrated so deeply into the life of Shakun Kimatrai-the bahu of one of Mumbai's  affluent families-that at her classes of meditation and creative skills, she constantly discusses topics related to the Mother's message. 

The Mother knew that everyone cannot  lift a leper or a dying child from the street to look after.  Princess Diana who was a royal could shake hands with an Aids sufferer without hesitation. Everyone cannot do this...

However we all could do our bit by at least looking after the elderly members of our own family or/and sponsoring some needs of a needy child. Let us not,  in our hurry-scurry to make fast bucks reject our responsibility towards our old parents or our elderly parents in-law...


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