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Havans and Talismans

One of my readers asked me a few questions on Havans and Talismans.  I am reproducing below the answers that I gave.  To read and understand more about Havans and Talismans, click here.

Question : I have a couple of questions, first of all can a Pundit perform a havan to eradicate the bad effects of the planets cast on an individual horoscope?

Answer : There is a fascination today with people going for havans to 'eradicate bad effects of the planets'. They feel that it will deliver them from all their problems. It is  the fact that you do not believe that you can do it on your own, that makes you create this movement. The havans and prayers only assist and generally coax your inner intention, focus and will. Having said the above, I do believe that the sound of the Mantras definitely help.

Secondly can the Pundit charge a huge amount of money for this?

I know that the Scriptures allow you to charge but generally only however much a person is able to afford to give, and give happily. Today we do not have very honest pandits and nor do we have very honest disciples or devotees.

Thirdly What sort of talisman are given out?

I also believe that just like the moon has an effect on your psyche so do crystals and different gems and talismans. It is a complete science by itself.

Lastly I have seen an advertisement from a Pundit who claims he can solve any problem be it to with love, finance, career or health within 4 days, 100% guaranteed. Is this possible?

It is possible. And it could take a fraction of a second. However, the criteria is that you must have implicit faith... and if you have the latter you do not need the Pundit.


Follows an excerpt of a previous 'Dal-sabzi for the Aatman' note of mine which may explain what brings about miraculous changes in life.

People often say that God is Just and Merciful. If one analyses the two adjectives, one will realise that if one relies on justice, one cannot always be merciful and if one shows Mercy, one probably cannot exercise proper justice. The theory of karma is based on justice. Forgiveness is a gift of Mercy. If you will only bear with me, I would like to explain to you a theory which explains the above a bit better.

On the earth and for some miles around it we experience the Law of Gravity. The Law of gravity does not exist in Space. Similarly while we are bound by human knowledge, the Laws of karma apply. Once we transcend through love and/or faith, we break the barriers and we enter the Law of Grace, compassion and mercy. We have then entered the realm of miracles. Now we can use our thoughts, feelings, words and actions to co-create with God our own reality.

I will not  write further on  the above subject. Will you re-read what I have written and ponder upon it?


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