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Last week I got Ma's Bulaava (call). That is how one refers to a trip to Vaishno Devi. It is a 1hr drive from Jammu, and on Her feet lies Katra, a town which resembles a pretty hill station.

Ma Vaishno Devi resides in Trikuta A Mountain, a part of the Mighty Himalayas,  in a beautiful cave in the form of 3 'Pindis' namely Mahakali, MahaLaxmi and MahaSaraswati. . She resides in  a Bhavan, a 14 kms climb from Katra.

From the window of a very comfortable hotel, I saw the towering enchanting mountain and wondered how I would make the climb. I started the steep ascent at 11 PM. on a horse  and with Ma's Shakti, reached Ma's Bhavan at 4 AM in time for the 'Darshan'.

Ma resides there in all Her splendour. I am told that there are people who may fall ill at the last moment ,or get to Her cave and are unable to get a glimpse of Her, because of the mist, that comes in between. Even those who get to meet Her see different coloured flowers! I just feel blessed that Ma's Bulaava went without a hitch. Next week I shall tell you the story of Goddesss Ma Vaishno Devi.

 I also visited Jwalamukhi.  This place is situated in the district 'Kangra' of Himachal Pradesh. It is recognized as the highest seat of power amongst 51 ShaktiPiths. Here Ma is present in the form of bright Flames. 9 Sacred Flames continuously burn without any fuel or assistance. They erupt from a rock-side, now housed in the shape of a temple. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru asked the Indian Geological Scientists to try and find oil/gas in the area to ascertain the origin of the Flames. However 40 years were wasted in its pursuit, and the operation has been abandoned.

I witnessed another Bright Eternal Flame which was  burning just above water. Even though the water is boiling as rice can be cooked over it, it is cold to the touch!

The Mighty Moghul Emperor Akbar routed a canal towards the shrine and water was poured over the Holy Fire Lights. The flames continued to burn. Iron-pans were affixed over the Holy Flames, but the Fire Lights burst through them.

Akbar had a golden 'chhatra' (umbrella) made. He carried it over his shoulders to Jwalaji to repent for his misdeeds. He tried to place the chhatra over the Flame but it fell down and broke. It is said that this umbrella turned into an unknown metal which is still a mystery. The 'Chhatra' can still be seen in the temple courtyard.

During this trip I experienced Ma's Omnipresence and Her immense All Pervading Shakti.

'Prem se bolo' "Jai Mata Di"

I passed by the 3 Rivers of Punjab namely Beas, Ravi nad Sutlej. I saw the Golden Temple in Amritsar shimmering under the Midnight Moon. 


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