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C. P. Gandhi
Sangeeta K


From Michael

Hello Shakun Narain, 

Below is a quote from your last e-mail

"Last time in 'The Creation' we learned that God became part of the Creation and that the same elements that pervade the Universe form the body of Man"

After reading it I was reminded of an occasion when I died physically and had a mind (spirit) out of body experience, time ceased to exist so I had no concept of time but in what must have been in earthly ( though earth did not exist) terms a billionth of a second I understood the whole of creation, every single atom was connected, a jet airliner in the sky and all of its passengers was no more than trillions of atoms all connected, the plane was not moving at all what was moving was information (pulses} from one atom to another yet in reality there was no plane and no people it was just atoms  and I was in touch with every single one of them and I knew that even the atoms did not exist only the concept of them, in fact there was no universe, that which we gaze on at night times was not there at all, there was of course the almost proverbial bright white light which I was moving towards, but then a voice and I say a voice only  because I am using earthly terms to describe it because it was not really a voice, conveyed to me this "Michael it is not your time, you must live out
your life no matter how difficult it gets" 

I was then back in my physical body with a thud and I felt from then on no fear of dying.  I have tried many times to recapture in my mind the feelings and realisations of what transpired but it alludes me, all that remains is my ghostly way of explaining it to people. Now I have become aware of scientific explanations for what happened to me, its all down to chemicals (Endorphins?) released  in the brain at the time of or near to the time of death.

In spite of these scientific explanations I still hang on to the spiritual feelings it gave to me. I try to follow the Buddhist (middle) path and I do believe that we create all that is perceived as creation, and that really there is no universe or earth, we create it every nano second so that it appears tobe concrete, in fact my creation of this e-mail to you on this computer is just an atomic Electro pulsation, ha ha,

What do you Think Shakun? By the way I have been clean of Chemical dependency for ten years in October this year.



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