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C. P. Gandhi
Sangeeta K


From Manish

To understand what this reader is commenting on,  please read my thought "The Sacrifice" first.

Dear Shakun, 

What are you trying to prove? that Hinduism and Christianity are the same? what about ganga snan? what is the Christian parallel for that? what about the vastly differing views that Hinduism has on atma, reincarnation, conversion, caste system, vegetarianism, etc.?


My reply is as follows :

Dear Manish,

Glad to note that you refer to me as 'dear'. I presume that you are not as angry as you seem to be! I am trying to say that the underlying message of religions is same. We have not retained most religions in full. Hinduism is the richest as far as retaining goes. But one sees glimpses of similarity.

When we Hindus do 'ganga-snan' we believe that we have been absolved of our sins. Christians believe that they do so by confession. Even Christ believed that the 'Kingdom of God is within you' So much for atma. Caste system is not religion according to me, it is social custom. It is a profession and I believe that it was acceptable to change your profession in ancient India.

Conversion was never propagated by Jesus. He did say 'I Am the Way' But so did Krishna. I believe that they stood for truth or Atma, and that is what they were referring to. 

There are pandits in Northern India who eat meat. I am not going into the ethics of it, but it is not true that all Hindus are vegetarian, or only vegetarian Hindus are good Hindus. 

Re-incarnation is a Hindu belief. I am grateful that this truth has not been lost. Today most religions accept it as true. May be those Scriptures are lost where this theory was propagated in the other religions.

Of course the above is only my point of view!

Sincerely, Shakun


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