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C. P. Gandhi
Sangeeta K


From Sangeeta K.

Dear Shakun,

I wish to thank you for all the lovely dal sabzis you have been sending me. I really enjoy reading them. Sometime back you had written an article on how do you know your prayers are answered. I wanted to tell you of my experience, but I have not had the time of late.

Today, let me express to you how God listens to my prayers through you. A few months ago, I remember telling you that I was translating Satyanarayan Pooja for a friend of mine, and before I could even complete the first chapter when you sent me an entire translation of the Katha which I forwarded to my friend who really appreciated.

Then during Navratri another friend requested me to translate the  navratri katha for her as she could not read Hindi. I had not been able to do so due to lack of time and was feeling so guilty when Lo and behold! I get the katha in English from your dal sabzi.

I feel I have to just think in my mind of something and God answers my prayers almost immediately. On a funny note, last week I was headed to a lunch and was running late. I said "God just let there be no traffic jams today and make it easy to get parking outside American Club, which is almost impossible during lunch hour. But of course, when I was on the road, it was as if the traffic was smoothened for me and when I got to the club, I got a car park right in front without any effort. What would you call this?

I would say if one has immense faith, God is sure to listen to all your prayers, even if it is for a small thing as a car park. Above all, our Krishna will never let us down All we have to do is trust Him in all events at all times.




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