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C. P. Gandhi
Sangeeta K


From Nandini

Dear Aunty Shakun,   

I was sitting here thinking about the fact that tomorrow is my Krishna's b'day and about how lucky I am to have him in my life and I realized that I had you to thank for bringing me closer to him. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of love and understanding he has given me and wonder why I am so blessed. Do you feel like that sometimes? Yet sometimes I feel lonely and wonder why, when I know he is always by my side. I wonder why we humans cannot be happy with all that we have without longing for something that we do not. Funny thing is that I know that this is an internal struggle that I alone can overcome yet sometimes I sit here feeling helpless.

But anyway I did not start this e-mail to tell you of my continuing struggle to better myself but to thank you for making Krishna such an important part of my life.

I will miss you tomorrow when I dress him up in all his finery and watch him smile at me so knowingly. I will also remember your mother who chose my Krishna for me and dressed him for the first time. Do give her my love and tell her that my Krishna is more beautiful because she is a part of him.

I have started reading the book "Friendship with God" and find it extremely interesting and well written. I have not read his "Conversations with God " yet but maybe I will read those one day soon too.

I will write for Mere Hamsafar soon. I have much to say about my spiritual journey with its many twists and turns and am more than willing to share it.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our spiritual journey and rest assured that your Dal Sabzi helps me to recharge my spiritual batteries at the most opportune moments.

Do take care and give my love to uncle and Anuja. Madhavi is fine as are the kids and Bob. In fact I am going to spend the day with Madhavi today.

Love always

Your student, friend and daughter,



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