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C. P. Gandhi
Sangeeta K


From Sheila

Dear Shakun

I hope that your mother is feeling better. I pray that the Lord will always be by her side and protect her. This reminds me of my mother (I was brought up by my aunt, she was the only mother I knew) when she was in the hospital in the ICU ward. I just could not leave her side and would sleep in the waiting room the whole night. I would go in and sit by her side, hold her hands and give her Reiki. My mother left us 7 years ago and I still remember and miss her very, very much. May your mother recover from her illness. May the Lord be with her.

Shakun, thanks for the Srimad Bhagavaad. I have been following it and reading it with great interest. On January this year, we had kept the Paraan for 7 days for my father who passed away in January, last year. We were lucky to find someone to read the Srimad Bhagavaad in Toronto, Canada.

To be honest with you, the stories went above my head.  I wasn't able to really understand it fully cause the person would read the Srimad Bhagavaad and then explain it in Hindi. I am not fluent in Hindi and could not understand the depth of the stories.

I am grateful to you for sharing this with us. I know that the Lord has a hand in this. You are His instrument in passing on this message to all of us. Thanks.

Loves, Sheila


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