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From Sanjay

I had an interesting interaction with a reader which I would like to share with you.  This is reference to my article The Story of Ma Vaishno Devi

Sanjay wrote:


I also visited the holy shrine last year in November I had great trust in Maata Vaishno Devi but after the darshan I lost the trust and thoughts. What came in my mind was that this stones from one angle doesn't looks like goddess. Why people come so long to have darshans of this stones.

When I reached Mumbai I almost lost everything like my Job my GF Money...then I prayed that if I get my lost things back I will come again to Vaishno devi shrine every year.

I got money a new good Job but not my same GF yet. This things confused/convinced me and I started gaining trust in MAA Vaishno Devi . I want you to comment and suggest me or advice me what to do.


I replied:

What to say, dear Sanjay,

You have said it all. the Mother Giveth and the Mother taketh away! (Replaces it by confusion and then Faith)

My Guru used to say: 'Grace may come in the form of an opportunity, and admonition, a warning or a blow! It is not the form that she takes but the ultimate purpose or outcome that is important.'

Your life is still unfolding, so we do not have a clear picture of the plan. But it will unfold. Have patience and faith!

You say that stones cannot be a Goddess! says who else?

Hindus have worshipped stones, crystals, plants, in fact all the elements since times immemorial!

We have believed that gems have a magic about them and can influence planets!

What are idols made of? What is the essence? What is the power and energy? What is Faith and the strength of your beliefs?

Think about it!

I think your Question and my answer may be beneficial to others with similar doubts? Could I put it under my article on Vaishno Devi? Do reply.

God bless you,

Sincerely, Shakun

Sanjay replied:

As far as I know about worship it is all for internal peace, you don't get what you pray as your destiny is already set & people says destiny can never be changed if so then why do we trust in God and pray to change our destiny.

I replied:

Dear Sanjay,

There are 2 schools of thought. One believes that destiny cannot be changed at all. The other believes, that it can. By efforts and/or prayer. I am a believer of the 2nd. I believe humans have a free will to a certain extent. You talk of internal peace like it is not at all important! It is finally peace of mind that humans aspire for, whether they consciously know it or not!

I do not have a full site on Ma Vaishno Devi. I have written an article which is probably what you read.


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