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Mahalaxmi Mantra

Goddess MahaLaxmi, is the consort of Lord Narayan (See the Satyanarayan Katha to read a prayer to Lord Narayan and Mantra of Lord Narayan), who is considered by Hindus to be the Supreme Being .  She is the Goddess of Wealth.  During Diwali, Hindus perform Laxmi Puja (Prayers to MahaLaxmi) for good fortune during the coming year.

This is a mantra (hymn) for abundance in wealth, strength and wisdom.


Namastetu Mahaamaaye Shree peetthey Surpoojitey
Shankha chakra gadaa hastey
Mahaalaxmi Namostutey

O Mahaamaya, abode of fortune who art worshipped by the Devas,
I salute Thee:
O MahaaLaxmi, wielder of conch, disc and mace,
obeiscance to Thee.

Namastey Garooda roodhey
Kola asura bhayankari
Sarva paapa harey Devi
Mahaa Laxmi Namostutey

My salutations to Thee,
Who ridest the Garuda,
And art a terror to Asura Kola:
O Devi MahaaLaxmi remover of all miseries,
My obeisance to Thee.

Sarvagyey Sarva-Varadey
Sarva-dushta Bhayankaree
Sarva-dukha harey Devi
MahaLaxmi Namostutey.

O Devi MahaLaxmi who knowest all,
Giver of all boons,
A terror to all the wicked,
Remover of all sorrow,
Obeisance to Thee.

Sidhee- Budhee pradey Devi,
Bhakti Mukti pradaayanee,
Mantra-Moortey sadaa Devi,
MahaLaxmi Namostutey.

O Devi, Giver of Intelligence and Success,
And of worldly enjoyment and liberation,
Thou hast always the mystic symbols
As Thy form, O MahaLaxmi, obeisance to Thee.

Aadi-Anta rahitey Devi,
Aadi- Shakti Maheshwari,
Yogajey Yogasambhutey,
MahaaLaxmi namostutey.

O Devi, Maheshwari,
without a beginning or an end,
O Primeval Energy,
Born of Yoga,
O MahaLaxmi,
obeisance to Thee.

Sthoola Sukshma Mahaa roudrey
MahaaShakti Mahodayey
Mahaa paapa harey Devi,
MahaLaxmi Namostutey

O MahaLaxmi who art both gross and subtle,
Most terrible, great Power, great prosperity,
And great Remover of all sins,
obeisance to Thee.

Padma Aasan Sthitey Devi,
Para Brahma Svaroopini,
Parmeshi Jagan Maatar,
MahaLaxmi Namostutey.

O Devi, seated on the Lotus,
who art the Supreme Brahman,
the great Lord and Mother of the Universe,
O MahaLaxmi, obeisance to Thee.

Shwet Aambar dharey Devi,
Nana Alankaara Bhooshitey,
Jagat Sthitey Jagan Matar,
MahaLaxmi Namostutey.

O Devi, robed in white garments,
and decked with various kinds of ornaments,
Thou art the Mother of the Universe,
O MahaLaxmi, Obeisance to Thee.

MahaLaxmya ashtak Stotram,
Yaha pathed Bhaktimaan naraha,
Sarva Sidhim Avaapnoti,
MahaLaxmi prasaadataha.

Whoever with devotion reads this Hymn
to MahaLaxmi, composed in 8 stanzas,
attains all success through the Grace of  MahaLaxmi


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