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Two Shabads (Prayers from the Gurbaani)

The following prayer of Guru Nanak Saheb used to be recited by every Sindhi child when I was one myself. I am sure those of you who are my contemporaries and who read these lines will recognise it. Would you introduce it to your children as a gift to Guru Nanakji on his birthday this year? It falls on the 11th of November, 2000?

Tum Thaakur tum pey ardaas
Jeeya pind sab teri raas
Tum maat pitaa, hum baalak terey
Tumhari kirpaa te sukh ghanerey
Koyee na jaaney tumharaa anta
Oonchey tey oonchaa Bhagvanta
Sagal samagree tumharey sootar dhaaree
Tum tey hoy so aagyaa kaaree
Tumhari gatmit tumahee jaanee
Nanak daas sadaa kurbanee

 Which means:

You are my Lord and I pray to you,
You who have created my body, my mind and my life,
You are my mother and father,
We are your children,
One finds abundant joy by Your Grace,
No one comprehends Your Infinity,
O Lord God Of the Most High,
The whole Creation is strung by Your (the same) thread,
Whatever happens, happens through Your commands,
You know Your Reasons for whatever transpires,
Nanak, who is your subordinate, bows to Your will.

The following shabad of Guru Nanak is also one of my favourites.

Tu  mera pita, Tu hai mera mata,
Tu mera bandhap,tu mera bhraata,
Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee
Ta bhav ke haakaara jiyo

Tumhari kirpa te tudh pachhaana
Tu meree oat Tu hai mera maana
Tujh bina doojaa avar na koyee
Sabh teraa khel akhaara jiyo
Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee
Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jeeyo

Jeeya jant sabh tudhu upaaye,
jit jit bhaanaa tit tit laayey
Sabh kichhu keeta tera hovey
Naahi kachhu asaaraa jiyo
Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee,
Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jiyo

Naam dhiyaaye mahaa sukh payaa,
Hari gun gaaye. Mera man seetlaaya,
Gur poorey vajee vaadhaayee,
Nanak jitaa bikhaaraa jiyo
Tu mera raakhaa sabhnee thaayee,
Ta bhav kehaa kaaraa jiyo

Which means:
You are my father, my mother, my brother, my friend,
You are my protector everywhere, every time
So why should I fear?

I recognise you by Your Grace,
No one but You is my refuge.
All is a play enacted by You,
You are my Protector always, every time.
So why should I fear?

All have been created by You
(All are bound by the Laws of Karma)
Whatever happens, transpires by your will,
You are my Protector always, everywhere,
So why should I fear?

By chanting the name of the Lord,
I have received tremendous joy,
By singing the praise of the Lord,
I have been blessed with peace,
I, Nanak rejoice at having obtained
A Complete Guru.
You are my Protector always, everywhere,
So why should I fear?


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