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On Wavering Minds

A Reader asked me :

Would you please give me the mantra to prevent my mind from wavering and make my mind concentrate in devotion and prayers?

Dear Reader,

To keep your mind from wandering, I would prescribe:

1) Allow your mind to wander.

Only watch it. Be a witness to it.

Very soon you will realize that you have become a part of the mind, started wandering with it and stopped observing it.

At that point, do not get agitated, just start observing the mind again.

It is like watching a child doing its pranks without reacting.

The child eventually feels embarrassed and stops.

This child (mind) is more obstinate. You will require more patience.

Gradually learn to observe your breath as you inhale and exhale.

Then you could use any mantra of your choice.

'Om' would be fine, or 'Soham'.


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