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Mantra for Teaching / Learning

This particular Mantra is for those who teach and/or learn. I find it particularly fascinating, since it realises that whenever a teacher and student meet, there is all possibility of there arising an ego-clash and hence an argument. So besides an enlightening study, the mantra invokes peace.

Sah naavavatu
Sah nau Bhunaktu
Sah Veeryam Karvaa vahai
Tejasvee naav dheeta mastu
Maa Vidvishaa vahai
Om! Shanti Shanti Shanti

Sah Together
nau us both
Avatu may He protect
Sah Together
nau us both
Bhunaktu may He look after (The Study)
Sah Together
Veeryam putting an effort enthusiastically
karva vahai exert together (for the study)
Tejasvee lustrous
nau of both of us
Adheetam study
astu maybe
Ma vid vishaa vahai (May both of us) never quarrel

Om! may He protect us both (teacher and student)
May He look after us, so that we both enjoy (the fruits of our study)
May our study acquire a lustre
May we never quarrel with each other.

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