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Miscellaneous Mantras

Misc. One Misc. Two

Misc. One

Received the following questions from a reader :

Could you please give me two very simple one to two word phrase mantras for:

Q1. Someone who is taking medication for thought processes. So this mantra would be for clarity of mind, increasing one's own intelligence, ability to processes ones thoughts and feelings.

My reply to question one :

Thought, Intelligence, clarity of mind comes under Ma Saraswati's domain. Since you have requested for only one or two word phrase mantra, I would suggest chanting:

Om Saraswati Namah

Alternatively, since I have already explained to you the power of the word 'I Am' and the fact that its vibration comes so close to 'Aum' just say, feel and visualise:

I Am Intelligence
I Am Clarity
I Am the right way of Thinking

Since you want simple quick methods, I would suggest that you become familiar with the power of 'Touch Therapy' i.e. 'The Mudra Vigyan'.  By touching or pressing ones fingers against each other, one performs different 'mudras'. For achieving the above, I suggest the use of the 'Gyan Mudra' or the Mudra for wisdom. Let the tip of your thumb touch the tip of your index finger. You may perform this mudra anytime. They should preferably be performed with both hands. Exert only light pressure and keep the remaining fingers in a comfortable position.

Q 2. For a orthodox Jewish person to resonate with inner truths without judgments or moral obligations based on religious codes of behavior and expectations. In other words awakening the divine self and going beyond rules and regulations and also self-recognition and self-love.

My reply to question two :

I love the word 'Namastey' that Hindus generally use. It is derived from the 2 words: Namah meaning I pray, or I bow. The other word is 'tey' (pronounced as whey) which means 'To you'
The word Namastey means that I bow to the divinity within you. Let your friend remember as he/she repeats the above to each and everyone that the same spark of divinity resides in everyone no matter what or  who they Spiritually follow.

Misc. Two

The same reader subsequently wrote :

Thank you for your advise on the the mantras.  I would still like something just two words, since it is for a beginner. I would like a mantra that means " I AM The DIVINE Self" or I AM GOD IN ACTION NOW.  I AM CLARITY and CONFIDENCE. What mantra would you give to someone who finds crowds and being among lot of people very difficult and overwhelming. This person also takes medication for though processes. Once again could you suggest a one or two word mantra.

Also how would you pronounce "Aham Brahmaasmi".

My reply :

I would suggest So-Hum meaning 'That I Am' The simplest and most powerful Mantra is Om.

Aham (pronounced 'a hum' (Hum rhymes with rum)
Brah (  'a' like the 'u' in rum)
maa( aa pronounced like the 'a' in far)
smee (the ee pronounced like feel)


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