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Thought on My Two Friends

Thought One

I have some remarkable friends, but would like to tell you about two of them.

One of them lost her husband when she was in her early 30s. She was then cheated of what was due to her by her in-laws. She brought up her children single-handedly. Today she lives alone and wonders why people are confused as to why she seems content.

My other friend lost her only son in an accident.  She lost her husband a few years later. She kept herself busy with the very many artistic things she used to make. She even ventured into learning how to use a Computer, even though she is in her 60s. Today, she calls me to inform me that she has had serious problems with her eyes and hence has had surgery done. She was as cheerful as ever, wondering why people think that she should be unhappy!

Both my friends asked me whether I thought that  they were 'abnormal' I assured them that they were more than 'normal' It is just that it is not 'normal' to be 'normal'. I don't remember any time during my life when I have not had something to worry about...and yet I don't remember anytime when I have not been content. I suppose the trick is to focus on what you have, rather than on what you do not.

What do you think?

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