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Thought on Crystals

Thought One

Last week I gave a lecture on Crystals, I thought that I would share this information with you. My information comes from some books that I read recently on the subject.

It is believed that crystals remind us of our starry origin, since crystals are supposed to be figments of stars as we are. Like any precious stone all crystals are supposed to possess an individual 'note' or 'sound', which it releases  into the ethers.

It is believed that Pyramids utilized the power of Quartz crystals to create weightlessness. South Americans believed that crystals were sacred stones inhabited by Spirits.

Atlanteans used a lot of it to receive telepathic messages.

Aborigines believed Quartz crystals to be sacred stones, particularly those with flaws.

Gypsies could read ones future by gazing into a crystal bowl.

Hindu ascetics often don a crystal necklace, even though they renounce everything else.

So are you convinced enough to go and pick up a quartz crystal for yourself? Well, it is believed that you cannot go looking for the crystal, the crystal which is meant for you, finds you, when you are ready.

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