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A Step into the Unknown

Last week I had lunch with an interesting lady who has undergone regression. The latter means that she has, with the help of certain techniques regressed into her previous life.

In her present incarnation she has  an unexplained fear for hands painted on a wall, like the ones one finds in villages in Kutch. She feels disturbed by the ringing of bells and she avoids holding a coconut in her hand during the performance of rituals.

During the regression she realised that she was made to perform 'sati' which means that she was forced to immolate herself because her husband had supposedly died. She had implored that her husband was alive, and had run away with another woman, but her pleas had fallen onto deaf ears. In this lifetime she is related to the family member who insisted on her becoming a 'sati' for 'family honor' reasons. After learning about what had transpired in her previous life, she forgave the relative, who had insisted on her sacrificing herself, in this one, and has thus reduced her resentment which has in turn turned out beneficial to her.

You must have figured out that her aversion for the Temple bells ringing and the holding of the coconut is related to the Ritual that she performed before becoming 'sati'. The hands on the wall had adorned the village where she lived in that particular life. By sharing the above story, with you, in no way, am I implying that we all should go for regression. If we all were to have been meant to know, God would have not taken away our

Having said that regression does help certain people to get rid of unknown fears and resentments. A simpler way, that works for me is to believe that  each situation helps us to evolve, and overcome fear, and that there are no friends or enemies in this life, only teachers.

Does the above make sense to you?


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