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One takes time out to go to the doctor, the parlor, the dentist, the aerobic classes but one finds it hard to set aside a few minutes for prayer.

A prayer could be a recitation of mantras, elaborate rituals or an informal chat with the Almighty.

Whether you kneel, sit or stand is immaterial.

If you pray to God to fulfill your desires or to pardon your sins, or to express your gratitude for His innumerable gifts, it would still only entail a few minutes, snatched from your mundane activities, to be offered to the Lord.

I have heard that if you put sugar into a cup of tea in anger, hatred, and love, selfishness…the tea would still be sweetened by your effort.

Setting aside a short time to pray may derive many benefits.

It is said that God takes 10 steps towards one, who takes a step towards Him.

Turn to God like a child turns to his mother and you will feel protected.

Your peace of mind will give rise to joy as your illusion disappears and your desires diminish.

Have Faith!

Easier said than done! You will say.

I have read:

Fear knocked at the door

Faith opened it.

No one was there.

Trust that the Universe works in perfect ways to provide you with what is best for your growth. You are ok and the universe is ok

That ‘ok’ may be that it wants you to learn some lessons, hence it is making you go through a rough patch.

God wants what is best for you…eventually.

Believe that the Universe works for you, not against you.

That implies that things may not always turn out the way you would like them to.

I have read

‘…When you turn to the Spiritual Path, hostile elements resent it and try to disturb you.

See any obstacle as an examination paper, and life becomes simple.

Whatever is in front of you…face it--go into it—deal with it.

Then drop it into the lap of the Almighty…’

Life is fair. It treats everyone equally.

Do you know anyone who got what they wanted, when they wanted, whenever they wanted it?

Let your prayer be a sincere cry from the bottom of your heart.

God answers all your prayers.

His answer is sometimes ‘Yes’, sometimes ‘No’, and sometimes ‘Wait’.

Believe that you are worthy to have what you truly desire.

And then, Love yourself.


Because I have read that God loves you no matter what.

God promises that, more devoted than a mother, He will stand always by our side.

No crime however heinous can make Him desert us.

All we have to do is turn to him.

And that requires only a few minutes every day.

Is that too much to ask?


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